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DeviceScriptButton_AddButton function - Control Use

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    DeviceScriptButton_AddButton function - Control Use

    I'm finishing up creating scripts to control an IP based Speakercraft MRA-664 whole home audio controller. This has created a lot of Events in order to trigger off of the numerous device status changes.

    In order to clean these Events up, I wanted to try and use the DeviceScriptButton function to fire the scripts directly instead of relying on Events. I have created a DeviceScriptButton and it shows up in the status page and runs correctly. The script button/value does not show up on the Status Graphics tab however. Is there any workaround to get this button/value to show up there?

    The reason I ask is I'm using Spud's Imperihome plug-in and in order to get on/off devices to show up in Imperihome is the 'Control Use' for a value must have on/off defined.


    I ran hs.DeviceVSP_CountAll on the device and it does not see the button as a VSPair.
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