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Desktop shortcut script not running

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    Desktop shortcut script not running

    Hey all,

    I thought to make a simple script to turn off my monitors as part of a complete home shuit down when i leave the house, but to my surprise it is not that simple.

    I have the nircmd.exe tool with a shortcut the turn my monitors off with a keyboard hotkey. and would like that to be run when i command the house to shutdown.

    Is there anyone here that could help me get this to work..?

    I just pasted the following like in the shortcut. But i doesn't do the job.

    "C:\Users\Positivo\Documents\Monitor Toggle App + Instructions"

    Please let me know where and what i would need to do to get this working.


    If there is an other way to toggle the monitors by a script command..

    I am all ears for suggestions..

    Thank you


    Have you looked at Jon00's RCCNM package?
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      Originally posted by Uncle Michael View Post
      Have you looked at Jon00's RCCNM package?
      Thanks for the tip. I looked at it, and it is super complex.. Yet it does do the trick.. i think i will give it a try.. Thx again.