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Where can I find sample scripts and learn about scripting ?

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    Yes correct. I want to use BLStat to set a setpoint. BLStat has various schedules, and sets the setpoint depending on schedule. I want to use the virtual thermostat to 'remember' what my last setpoint was, or what the setpoint normally is when the house has turned to Away, then back to home. That is the easiest way. I could find another way possibly if it just was the last setpoint. But for example if I come home late at night, that last setpoint would have changed. So if I can load the schedule into the virtual thermostat, and not change that to away when we leave the house if have the correct setpoint stored there to send to the main thermostat when we come home.
    So I do not need the logic, I just need BLStat to recognise it as a thermostat so I can load a schedule (setpoint) to it.


      I've put a script together that will create a root and single setpoint device and also set all the necessary "thermostat" properties.

      I'd prefer to send it via email until we can establish that it works as expected as opposed to positing here.

      You can email me via the board (or perhaps you already have my email).

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        Device creation has worked, but BLStat is not finding it. I've posted in the BLStat part to see if the developer might have an idea why it doesn't add.