Hi all,

I have written a simple script to run on my HS3 which is running on a Raspberry pi 3.

The script just tells my CCTV camera to go to a preset PTZ position.

If I restart the PI, the script will run first time and sometimes a second time, but from then on I get timeout events.

I think it's something to do with the credentials but I haven't done any vb.net stuff for ages.

Is there a log file somewhere where I can see the actual errors being produced. The homeseer log file just gives a request timed out.

I have set the timeout to 1 second currently otherwise it just sits there for 5 minutes before it times out.

I can run the command from a web browser as many times as I want and it works perfect.

Here is the script:
Imports System.Net

Sub Main(ByVal Parms As Object)

Dim request As HttpWebRequest
request = HttpWebRequest.Create("")

request.Credentials = (New NetworkCredential("admin", "password"))

request.Timeout = 1000


End Sub
Thanks, Matt.