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  • CAPI Control Syntax

    I'm new to homeseer and trying to figure out CAPI control. I have the tenholder app which is wonderful, but I would like to understand what the code is sending. For instance,

    hs.CAPIControlHandler(hs.CAPIGetSingleControl(704,True,"on", False,False))

    704 - device reference id
    True - ?
    On - command string
    False - ?
    False - ?

    Can I send values to a device instead of strings? Ex: 69 instead of dim 69%


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    The documentation sort of vaguely eludes to these extra parameters here

    The first boolean being "ByVal ExactCase As Boolean" and the second being "ByVal Contains As Boolean", I would infer from this that whatever you passed to parameter three (label) it checked if it was the exact case ("on" vs. "ON" vs. "On" - although I'm not sure why in reality you would need this set to true?) and the second one being if it contained part of the string ("Dim 72%" is the CAPI string, send "72%" and then set this to true and it should match). I'm not sure if someone has done any testing with these however and most appear just set both to false.
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      Thank you very much for the response. I saw that page in the documentation, but couldn't make sense of it until you pointed it out. I wish the pages were more consistently documented in the help file. This is going along way to help me and my understanding though.