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Leviton Scene Controller (VRCS2-MRZ) - controlling LED indicators

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    Leviton Scene Controller (VRCS2-MRZ) - controlling LED indicators

    Guys, I've been doing a bit of searching, but have come up empty. I'm coming from Vera, and when interacting with my VRCS2-MRZ (2 button scene controller with relays), I was able to control the color of the LEDs on the buttons individually via LUA - red, orange, green, and off.

    In Vera, I would make a call like the following to turn the LED green:
    luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneControllerLED1","SetLight",{newValue="1", Indicator="1"}, <DeviceId>);

    How would you control the button LEDs using in HS3?

    In a nutshell, what i'm trying to move over to HS is if I...
    * press the button once, turn on the light, and turn it off in 5 minutes, change LED to red.
    * press the button a second time, kill the event to turn off the light (leave the light on), change LED to green.
    * press the button a third time, or 5 minutes elapses, turn off the light, turn the LED off.

    Sorry, the Homeseer team refuses to do proper zwave support for Leviton devices.

    I'm in same situation. In HS, you only get one scene on for all buttons. Try searching for past threads.