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Can anyone share their project files for a basic serial plugin?

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  • Can anyone share their project files for a basic serial plugin?

    Hi guys,
    There are a few plugin examples about but i can not find anything which covers serial comms.

    I am happy to code in or C#

    Reading up on it, it looks like C# is better for serial but it seems far more complicated than it all sould be

    Would love to be able to leverage others code to get a kickstart on getting my serial devices connected.

    PS. incase you are wondering, serial devices range from atlona hdmi matrix, Sonance DAB1 and various arduino's and other devices. drule's excellent plugin is giving me issue and he seems to be absent so I have decided to have a go at it myself.

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    I have a plugin that monitors a serial port for data from my PBX, storing received phone call data to HS devices and raising events for my scripts to process.

    Written in, and glad to share. Send me a private message if you are interested.



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      Thanks! PM sent


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        Code is on its way,



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          I finally got a few hours to play with this code. It's all working well.

          I have integrated it with the sample code over here

          I have added fields to the config. to enable you to select the serial port and baud rate. I've also added some simple code to recover from pulling out the (usb) serial cable and re-plugging it in.

          I just need to add in some code to send data to the serial device and then I'll publish it when I'm done. It'll be a very basic example, but will help other s like me get started with serial interfaces.

          Huge thankyou for giving me a leg up to get me started.

          EDIT: I have uploaded the code over in the Moskus sample thread

          It's very basic (it's a sample), but has the following features:
          1. Single serial port with send and receive logic
          2. Port and Baud can be set in the config page
          3. It handles disconnect and reconnect
          4. It send a confirmation message to the serial port sender
          5. Creates an additional device (Device Name is "UpdateMeFromSerial")
          6. Device has two buttons that send data to the serial port
          7. Any received data will appear on the Serial Device Status field
          8. You can call the send function from a script to send data out the serial port
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