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Differences between versions HS1 and HS3 Plug-INs

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  • Differences between versions HS1 and HS3 Plug-INs

    If a person had a HS1 plug-in, would it be a monumental task to convert it to HS3. Would there be anything re-usable from the older version.

    The reason I ask is that I still own a digital interface called a Micro Redac. There was a PI for it back in the HS1 days and I do have a copy of the PI. There is also another user who is migrating to HS that would have an easier transition if there were some ability to use a Micro Redac with HS3.

    If anyone here is interested I have the documentation of the protocol.

    Thanks for any insight you may offer on this.

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    It depends really how it was written and what it was written in, there may be some salvageable parts or functions or there may be nothing. It'd probably be more work to copy and figure out the bits that could be reused than it would be to write it from scratch.
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