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script to populate HSTouch element

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  • script to populate HSTouch element

    can anyone provide VB snippet to populate the Text property of a Text Box element on the current screen of HS Touch app, eg:.
    HS Touch screenname = "NowPlaying"
    textbox element name = "SongName"

    populate with below:

    the code would be executed from HSTouch by ActionWhenChanged of a DropList element named "SonosRoom"
    it would "Run a HomeSeer script with values from elements(s)" and the 352 would be the value of the element

    i have 15 sonos rooms so am trying to use one HSTouch screen to display sonos info for whichever room the user selects from the SonosRoom DropList element. above 352 is hardcoded, but i'll create a Select Case that assigns the relevant DeviceID based on the room selected value of the DropList


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    In HS, I'd assign the name of the selection that is playing in the selected room to a virtual device string that is tracked by the NowPlaying text box.
    That is, the text box always displays the string of the same virtual device, and HS copies the correct string to that device based on the selection in the drop list.
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