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Status of C# Scripting in HS3 and HS4?

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  • Status of C# Scripting in HS3 and HS4?

    Please help me understand the current state of C# Script support in HomeSeer. I would very much prefer to code in C# rather than VB. Is this possible / recommended?

    There are some, mostly older, posts (ex1 ex2) complaining about memory leaks and other issues with C# script. Is that still an issue?
    I also see no examples of C# Scripts for HomeSeer.

    At the same time, HS3 and HS4 documentation imply that both VB and C# are supported.

    I was able to setup a workable C# development environment with Mac + VSCode + CS-Script for myself (you can check it here). I run/debug scripts locally using CS-Script runtime and then upload scripts to HS SEL over SSH.

    - does HomeSeer use CS-Script in HS3?
    - does HomeSeer use CS-Script in HS4?
    - is it worth to continue trying to use C# vs VB or will I quickly run into unresolvable problem?