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&hs.SetDeviceValueByRef() was not working for me...

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    &hs.SetDeviceValueByRef() was not working for me...

    Documentation shows it as SetDeviceValueByRef but in Linux you have to use setdevicevaluebyref or HS4 Linux throws an error. Does everybody know this already except me?? I know I used it once before in Linux but I was either lazy or instructed to use setdevicevaluebyref...not sure which. That was on my Pi (which I might be able to resurrect and look at). I've posted a minor HS4 bug to see if they can rectify the syntax conversion for Linux platforms.
    HS4 Pro Edition running on Lenovo ThinkCenter & Debian Linux
    Plugins: Z-Wave (via Nortek USB stick

    Home Assistant 2021.10.6 running on HA "Blue" ODROID-N2
    Add-ons: Android Debug Bridge, Duck DNS, ESPHome, File Editor, Glances, HA Google Drive Backup, InfluxDB, Log Viewer, MariaDB, Mosquitto broker, NGINX SSL Proxy, Node-RED, Portainer, SSH & Web Terminal, Samba, TasmoAdmin, UniFi Controller, Visual Studio Code, WireGuard, Zigbee2mqtt, Z-Wave JS to MQTT
    Integrations: AccuWeather, Alexa Media Player, Glances, Google Nest, HACS, HomeSeer, Insteon, IPP, Life360, Local IP, Logitech Harmony Hub, Mobile App, MQTT, My Garage, OpenWeather, Spotify, Tuya Local. Ubiquiti UniFi, Z-Wave JS
    Insteon: 2413S Dual Band PLM
    Zigbee: zzh! CC2652R Rev A
    Z-Wave: RaZberry daughtercard on RPi 1B via ser2net