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    Sorry for being absent. I've had to put all my non-work related projects on hold. I've been developing a s/w product for my company, working 15-16 hrs/day (no kidding!) for the past 4 months! It's almost complete I'm happy to say. I will get back to this first thing when it's done!


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      Thanks for the update, we appreciate your efforts and understand work has to come first!



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        Any news on the multiphidget update?


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          any updates?


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            Hi! Any New developments on the multi module phidget plug-in?
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              Anyone knows how to use multi phidgets with homeseer?
              Unfortunatly mwait got too busy to continue the plug-in development.


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                Just wanted to pass my experience with the 8/8/8 I/O Phidget module.
                I have a diesel Ferroli heater for water heating and environment heating.
                It's not the best way to heat a house but since it was already installed when I bought the house I try to make the best out of it.
                Originally I had no thermostat control on the heater, beside the internal ones on the boiler that maintain the water temperature at a set point dialed on the heater control panel.
                The problem with this setup is that the heater is trying to maintain the water temperature at the set point all day long, even when no one is in the house.
                To turn it off I have to get out of the house and go to the heater shack to do it.

                So I decided to automate ie with homeseer, establishing a set of rules, pairing the system with a house thermostat and a presence detector.

                I got a very nice thermostat that I carry around the house where I want to control the temperature. It's a Elesta RTU 300B. This devise sends order by radio to a small receirer that have two relays: one for heating and one for cooling. I don't need to cool the house so I only use the heating part.

                I also got a phidget 8/8/8 that gets one of its digital inputs controlled by the thermostat relay.

                This setup is received by the Homeseer trough the phidget plugin and with that I control a Z-wave Fibaro 2X1.5Kw binary switch. One of the Fibaro relays controls the heater ON/OFF and the other controls the heating water flow pump.

                Then I setup some rules like when the maid arrives, her presence is detected by a H100 movement sensor and turns the heater on for a couple of hours, turning it off again at the end of that time. That will make hot water available for wtatever is necessary.

                When we get home, if we want to heat the house, all I have to do is turn the thermostat on, and the heater turns itself on and then starts pumping hot water trough the house heaters.

                My next project is to use a Xbee to relay the heater temperature to Homeseer trough another Xbee connected to the phidget so that we can check if it is necessary to turn the heater on or if the water is still hot enough for a couple of baths.

                I guess I could use temperature sensors around the house and use Homeseer as a temp controller but the Elesta is such a neat and compact interface for that purpose that I really don't find a need to do it.

                Since I plan to use a lot of those Xbee for other purposes, eventually I will end up without inputs on the phidget. And that' why I keep asking for the new plugin that will allow multi phidgets to be connected to to Homeseer.

                Any news on the new plugin development?


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                  Will this plugin still work with HS3?

                  I'm being force to upgrade now and REALLY REALLY want to use my phidgets I/O modules.


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                    This plugin has not been supported for a long time. Your best route to integrate any device that you can think of is to use the Arduino Plug-in. I have been using it for years on my HS3 whitout a hitch to control my burner.


                    • I came to the same conclusion last night and ordered it right after I made this post. It's nice to receive your validation so thank you!