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I could use a bit of help with the .ASP....

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    I could use a bit of help with the .ASP....

    Ok, I finally tackled trying to get this script installed and functioning... To no Avail. I installed the latest zip, the searched for and installed the homeseer.mdb, searched again for DatabaseUtilities(.txt/.inc) and installed those and all the other files from 10 different places on this msg. board [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] I pleaced all the files in the correct paths and edited the config to just 1(one) theatre for test purposes. Looking in the download folder, It did create the .txt file with all the movie information (after I created the directory as I had an error the directory did not exist). T1 was created by the install script and shows the correct cinema information. The .asp page is all messed up however with a just a lot of raw code. I am 2/3rds to getting this to work and could use a little advice here [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]
    I am trying to run on the HS server itself, and not on a Audry, is this a problem? The .asp pages should work still... right?

    One last question.... being the devices are showing up in the HS web page devices with the movie posters... is there a way to have this a bit more permanent? So that it does not have to connect to the web to retreive this information, concidering the information is already on the hard drive. The movie.txt file just assumes the information is needed and downloads it. This creates the devices ect... Is there a way to pull the information say with another script to propegate the devices? This way the movie script could be run say.... twice a week recurring, and the 2nd script to update the device information could be added to the HS startup script.

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    Make sure you are using the latest version. Michael has modified the script to download everything local. Check this link for the latest.