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  • Weather Report2 using homeseer.ini


    I want to start out by saying that I would like to get input on the changes to the weather script. There is no guarantee that this will become Dsteineuro's next version of this script, but I thought I'd ask for input on this version as well as what features folks would like to see added.

    The biggest change to the script is that it now uses Michael McSharry's file, so this should be downloaded and installed before the installation of this script.

    Other additions:
    Added 2 variables in the .ini each contains 12 values, one is the avg high for each month, the other the avg low. These values are now used to speak the enhanced text about the temp. Now the text spoken is related to how high above or below the avg temp the current temp is.
    Made changes to the way the current info is spoken.
    Script will now attempt to get the main 2 weather pages more than once. This value is configured in the .ini file
    Added 2 additional VDevs which now contain just the Current Temp value and the Current Humidity value. This could have been extracted from the other devices, but for those who don't do a lot of programming, this should make using these values a little easier.
    Added a var iWxDebug (this is set in the actual script) when set to 1, will dump a large amount of internal values when the script is run. This should help with customizing the script to your liking.
    Many other misc changes.

    Note that the old method of setting values in the script no longer works, but I've left the values comment out, just for reference. These values will be removed in the next rev.

    First, you must already have the full package of David's script installed.
    Next you will need to install Michael's INITools
    Add the values from WeatherReport2.ini to the end of the homeseer.ini
    Modify the new values in homeseer.ini
    Create the 2 new VDevs in HS (default values are housecode+25 and housecode+26) Default setup 25 contains just the Temp value and 26 contains just the Humidity value. This allows a test without parsing a bunch of html.
    Backup your current Weather_Report2.txt
    Copy Weather_Report2.txt into the scripts directory.

    Please post any problems or other info to this thread. If it looks good, I'll talk to David about merging this script with the next version of WeatherReport2.

    Thanks in advance

    Note: The full Weather_Report2 package can be found at:

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    Worked great first time out of the box. I did not look at how you did it, but the concept of retries is excellent. I do drop data with the prior script.

    I collect weather data on an hourly basis and log the information to a database. Before logging I need to parse the device strings and extract the raw (plotable) data. I do not know what the two new temp and humidy devices are targeted to do, but I would like to have raw data available, or even have the hooks designed-in to record to a database.

    There exists a device value that normally holds the dim level for dimmable devices. This would be a good place to store the raw integer form of the weather data, except there are problems at the extremes such as 100+ and below zero temps. I recall I also had problems with homeseer clearing these value when changed status or something. The bottom line is that I would like to be able to easily dump raw data to a database.


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      what are w25 & 26 used for?
      what are the average monthly temps used for?

      I added a US color temperature map to mine (w11)... thought others might be interested:
      I use UStemp() and strUnitUStemp as the identifiers.


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        These are very simple items. I had read from someone who was not a programmer, but wanted to be able to use the actual temp to be the trigger for other events. So I decided to extract only the Temp (vdev 25) and Humidity (vdev 26). These are only the numbers no HTML.

        Sorry that I didn't explain very well in script.

        I'll take a look at the maps.

        The Ave High and Low is used when speaking the enhanced text for the current temp. What these do is set the Avg temp for your area. So what you get now is:

        "the temp is way above avg of 50 F" for Ohio, this would be true, but for S. FL this would say something like "slightly below Avg"

        The old script would have said something that would not have made since for some areas or different times of the year.

        If folks like this I'll do more work to make it even more enhanced.

        Hope this helps, if not ask away. I want to make sure the script is heading in a way that others would also like.



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          what do you think about displaying the Average temps on the web page since they are there anyway?

          also, it would be nice to choose whether or not the 36 hour report scrolls or is static in a paragraph format. Example...

          Today: blah blah blah
          Tomorrow: blah blah


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            Try this in the homeseer.ini:
            ; Set value to 1 to use Marquee or 0 to use fixed cell for Ext Forcast

            This value should already be set to 1, so set it to zero for fixed.

            As for the Avg's I'm looking at how to use those right now. Need to determine how to get the actuals or to calc each day. Will keep you updated as I make changes.


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              I stepped into the middle of this discussion (completely missed version 1) but really like what I've read.

              Here are a couple of questions-

              Where can I find INITools?
              You mention that I need the full package installed from David. Is this the weather_report2.txt script?
              Finally, what are the two new Vdev's used for? (I use a couple of different housecodes.)

              I apologize if these have been asked before. I searched high and low with no success for the above mentioned programs.

              Thanks (and great work to you and all of the others that have contributed).



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                INITools is here:

                Instructions on installing the weather icons and stuff are here

                Not sure if there is anything else to install, this is what I did and it works fine.



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                  Unbelievable! I installed the first release and then updated with v2. It looks fantastic.

                  My last hurdle is the "current conditions" icon. It shows "partly cloudy" on HomeSeer (pc) but shows a blank (square with an X) on my web page.

                  I grabbed the icons from the earlier post- did I miss something. Again, all of the other icons show fine.

                  Thanks to all for such a great piece of work.




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                    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> My last hurdle is the "current conditions" icon. It shows "partly cloudy" on HomeSeer (pc) but shows a blank (square with an X) on my web page.


                    Left click on the blank square and then click on properties. This will tell you the location of the graphic file that it is looking for. Then be sure that the files are in the right directories.

                    Should be something like:



                    MSI Cubi Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) 16GB DDRl RAM

                    Enabled Plug-Ins
                    BLRussound, BLSpeech, HSTouch Server, JowiHue, MyQ, Nest, Rain8, Squeezebox, Ultra1Wire3, UltraGCIR3, Vista Alarm, X10,Z-Wave