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Kevin Knudsons Thermostat Script & HS 1.6.0

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    Kevin Knudsons Thermostat Script & HS 1.6.0

    Has anyone experienced problems with Kevins script running HS 1.6.0. I'm using XP Professional by the way.

    Here is a sample of the log:

    30/10/2002 19:45:19~!~Error~!~Script error in file: rcs_tx15b.thm: 0: in line 0
    30/10/2002 19:45:26~!~Send X10 from ext interface~!~J3 preset dim dim: 2 extra: 0
    30/10/2002 19:45:26~!~ThermoStat~!~Indoor Temp 70°/SP:70/M:Heat/F:Auto
    30/10/2002 20:04:47~!~Info~!~ Web Server authorized local login successful from:
    30/10/2002 20:15:03~!~X10 Received~!~M13 (?) M6 (?) M Preset Dim 8
    30/10/2002 20:15:03~!~X10 Received~!~J15 (?) J Preset Dim 2

    I get the script error frequently, and the values aren't updating when I look at the Thermostat in Devices.

    Also I'm intrigued by the X10 received M13, M6 as I don't have any M devices. Is this noise ?

    I have a coupler/repeater by the way on a 3 phase system.

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction as I'm getting nowhere

    The m codes are more than likely noise. As far a the tstat script I would suggest using Grants new tstat script. It is the best script buy far that I have tested in over 3 years. The error 0 in line 0 is caused by a new tstat call added in HS 1.6 and up that most scripts do not handle.

    See this thread for the line 0 error:

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