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Movies Script via Updater and option for no virtual devices enabled

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    Movies Script via Updater and option for no virtual devices enabled

    The movies script was relocated to the updater. The primary change with version 4 is the ability to generate the two ASP pages without using virtual devices to store the movie listing data.

    The ini files moved from homeseer.ini to individual ini files in \Config

    The manual was also improved

    The 3.7.x versions that were previously available via the Script Library improved contained updates to improve the movie summaries and reviews and eliminated use of hs.GetURL and the IE object to retrieve web content.

    I downloaded and got the "Movies" stuff working.

    THANKS, very nice job!!

    My two small problems.
    1 - In the Theater_list.asp display, for better readability, there needs to be a space inserted between the movie title and movie length. For example, a recent listing shows up as so
    I Spy01:37 hrs PG-13
    (no space between the title "I Spy" and the movie length "01:37"

    2 - In movies.vbs your new GetURL doesn't seem to be working. If I have line 270 "Page = hs.GetUrl(",blah,blah" commented out, I get no movie data, only the theaters showing up on either the movies or theater_list webpages.
    If I uncomment line 270 everything works fine.

    Dick Masson
    HS PRO, WinXP, IE8, Shuttle XS35V3, 2.13GHz, 4GB, 40GB SSD drive, AC-RF2, ADIOcelot, Message Server, TI103, SNEVL CID, pjcOutlook, MCSTemperature, Powertrigger, BLBackup, BLFloorplan, BLIcon, BLOccupied, BLRadar, BLRfid, BLLogMonitor, ACPUPSD, UltraECM, WeatherXML & Stipus' script connector. 500+ devices, 260+ events, 1-wire weather station + temp/humidity sensors & Oregon Scientific temp & humidity sensors & 2 Brultech ECM-1240s