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    motherboard monitor

    i have downloaded the script and i have been able
    to get it to speak (cpu temperature 30 c)
    but i am at a loss as to seting up the virtual device ?
    name:cpu temperature
    device type: virtual
    house: S
    the device is not updated what am i missing here
    also where do i find the *.gif's that are in the script.

    thanks in advance

    can anyone help me out here please
    thanks in advance paul
    ps.. i am a newbie


      But I can tell you that someone will definitely come along that has the answer.. but 3 hours isn't long enough to wait. Be patient! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

      Did you create the virtual device? If you edit the script, are there any notes as to any variables you might need to change?


        can anyone please help a newbie out here i am going nuts here i have tried everything a newbie can

        thanks in advance paul


          Paul Sorry to see that you have gotten any response. It has been several days since you posted!

          It has been a while since I set up the MBM script for myself. Looks like I did some custom mods.

          Do you create a new device in HomeSeer? I don't think that the script will automatically create a device for you.

          Why don't you post a copy of the script that you have been working with so far. Just post it below (mark as private version for debugging) and I will debug it for you.

          Also Not sure what .gifs you are looking for.



            I'll try my best to explain the process. Here's what you need to do for MBM:

            a) Look for the following lines:

            strHCode = "s" 'change to housecode for MBM status results

            strName1 = "Case Temperature"
            strXMLName1 = "T_Case_Temp"
            strIconName1 = "/temperature.gif"
            strName2 = "CPU Fan Speed"
            strXMLName2 = "F_CPU_Fan"
            strIconName2 = "/fan_on.gif"

            strHCode is where you want your MBM devices to start with. In my case, I chose "s"

            strNameX is how you want to call the device

            strXMLNameX is the name from MBM5, if you're not sure, just bring up MBM XML log and browse through.

            strIconNameX is the icon you want to use. In my case, I put all the icons in HTML directory. If you want to put your icons in the sub-directory of HTML, you'll need to put include following: "/xxx/icon.gif" where xxx is the sub-directory name.

            Then from Homeseer Device screen, create all the devices as needed. Remember to refer to the name you specified above. For example, if strName1 is "CPU Temperature" then you should create a virtual device with code "s1" and name it "CPU Temperature". MBM tracks only the code name "s1".

            I hope this helps a bit and not confuse you more [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]



              If you're looking for icons, let me know what kind you want and I'm more than happy to send to you. Or you can browse here for icons:




                thank you very much HTSOURCE
                once i changed my virtual device from s,17 to s,2
                it logged my motherboard temp for me awsome....
                but by using s-1 to s-16 i am using up house codes
                that i will need in the future s 17 to s 64 are all there a way to use just the virtual
                numbered ones

                thanks in advance



                  I'm glad that it worked out for you. If you're concerning s1 taking up X10 address, no need to worry about it since X10 can only see House codes A to P. Starting q to z are all virtual devices.

                  However, I was trying to put all MBM devices to house code "t" since all my network devices are on "t". It will make things a lot easier since I can tell that house code is for what purpose. But I'm not an expert in programming, can't figure it out how to alter the change yet, sorry.



                    I looked at the script a bit and considered changing it. It could be done by changing the value of the variable "iIndex" within the For...To loop at the end of the script.

                    I tried a simple "iIndex = iIndex + 5" before the device string is written, then "iIndex = iIndex - 5" after, but it pissed off something - I'm not much on writing code... only messing with other folks.

                    It seems to be HS native VBS, so if you want to figger out how to do a simple math variable, let me know how it goes.

                    Thanks for getting me off my butt and getting this up and going; I've been putting it off for quite a bit. Oh... I just remapped other stuff in the "s" HC and left the MBM stuff at the lower numbers.


                    (see profile for environment)