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    Accuweather is still okay for the AT&T Voices Weather script. If you look in the script, I am going to a specific web page within and not the "regular" web page. The URL for my current weather is which returns:

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
    &lt;DISPLAY Name=Current&gt;
    &lt;line&gt; 06:56 am CDT
    &lt;line&gt;Temp: 41 F
    &lt;line&gt;Pres: 30.17
    &lt;line&gt;Hum: 70%
    &lt;line&gt;Wind: N at 12
    &lt;line&gt;AccuWeather, Inc

    which is a very small web page perfect for WAP.

    I "simply" use GetUrl to retrieve this text, store the lines in an array, and then parse it to find the values. Not sure why you would N/A but it would not be from my script it would be from AccuWeather. Don't know how to solve this. I just tried 55303 and it worked fine.

    Jim Doolittle

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    Jim Doolittle

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      I took your url and replaced your zip with mine and the file looks just like the one you posted. So I looked at the hs screen and all is working fine. Now why didn't I go and look at the hs screen first? Thanks for the reply.



        Very Nice. Just downloaded and installed easily in a snap. Clean and well documented.....very nice job. Thanks!

        Also setup an event that triggers every morning during breakfast time, and reads the weather. This is the ultimate laziness!

        New voices ordered.....

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          Excellent script Jim...been using it now for a few weeks. Today changed over to just Crystal to speed it up some. I am looking to use both virtual and real devices and I would like to use my weather station info which is basically outside temp/humidity, various inside temp/humidity, outside wind/direction and the rest of the WEB based stuff. Can I do both?
          - Pete

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            I have installed the last version of my_weather

            and it still says "less then voice required.

            I have installed the att true voices but cannot seem to get it to work in my_weather.

            Please help




              I see no problem having multiple sources of weather (or any other type of information) be it hardware (weather station) or software (web data retrievel) as long as the virtual device codes do not coincide.

              Jim Doolittle
              Jim Doolittle

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                I may be wrong but it sounds like AT&T voices are not working properly for you and they are not interpreting the XML (&lt;Voice=""&gt;&lt;/Voice&gt; ) tags.

                Jim Doolittle
                Jim Doolittle

                My Twitter
                My Hardware & Software


                  I believe ATT True Voices are working. They seem to work when I try to run the Microsfot Speech SDK 5.1. And they also show op on the options in TTS in HS.

                  But it seems this line in the script

                  If who &lt;&gt; "" Then txt ="&lt;Voice Required='Name="+who+"'&gt;" & txt & "&lt;/Voice&gt;"

                  just does not get interpeted correctly. Any one have any suggestions? ( I tried the one with the Line/line to no avail)





                    Can you look at the dooguestbook.asp discussion?

                    I am signing in but am unable to get a list of all visitors.




                      This script is broken for me. It used to work flawlessly but as of some weeks ago, the script starts, speaks the first phrase "Getting weather, hold on" and stops.

                      In the log I am getting an error saying "Script error in file my_weather.txt: 9 subscript out of range '[number 3]' in line 201.

                      I haven't seen anyone else having this problem, I am running version 1.16 of that script only triggered by voice command.