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TV listings scripts causing HS to shutdown

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    TV listings scripts causing HS to shutdown

    I installed TV worked fine for 2 times..

    I have installed the include files, etc..but when I click on my tv listings link..homeseer errors or anything like that.

    Anyone have a clue what happened?

    Something not installed right?

    also I noticed that the TV group under events is missing. and no TV events are now listed.

    I do however have the tv html folder..etc with all the listings downloaded.

    [This message was edited by SWEET GT on Monday, 11 November 2002 at 08:48 AM.]

    This may seem strange, but I actually had a somewhat related weirdness on my system that only presented itself when I loaded large ASP pages such as the TV Listings, Phone Log, or the Device List.

    After literally months of racking my brain in frustration, it turned out to be a bad network adapter - not bad as in broken, but bad as in poor drivers written for it. ASP pages, I was told by Rich, have a lot more information being sent out the LAN adapter than the same information displayed in an HTML page - in other words, it is brutal on the network.

    See if other ASP pages that have a lot of information get the PC to trip up, and if not, then oh well - it was just a though.

    Good luck.