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Has anyone gotten UltraView or Wapseer to work?

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    Has anyone gotten UltraView or Wapseer to work?

    I am getting ambitious with Homeseer and have tried and tried to get Ultraview as my homepage to work and Wapseer to work with my Cingular wireless phone?

    Has anyone succeeded with either of these two apps?

    Help much appreciated.

    WAPSeer 1.5 works great with my Verizon Motorola T720. Results are less impressive with a year old Nextel phone. What problems are you having?


      Which cingular phone do you have? I have a Ericsson T60D and it works with some older WapSeer code.

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        What's the Prob?
        I thought the documentation was better than most.
        Does take some time to get your floor plans created. A bit difficult if each of your floors aren't graphically same size as the others. I used 3D Home Architect Cad program (I had the plans drawn already - built the house with them).

        Took some dinking to add a few more floor plans (tweeks throughout the app).
        A little bit more to figure out how to change Icons specific to device.

        Now trying to figure out what is the best UI metaphor for IR control - anyone have opinions?
        I was thinking about how to embed a link in the graphic to open a new page with the IR controls specific to the devices in that room (Theatre Room, for example).


          I have a t60d as well but am trying to use the latest software.

          As far as Ultraview, I must be stupid. I am using 3D Home Architect too. All I see is a pretty incomplete Ultraview2 Status screen. No floorplan.

          Any tips would be appreciated.


            You probably need to define your devices with the specific tags Ultraview recognizes. As you add the devices, the Status screen will populate. Check the Ultra_View2_status_devices.xsl page for a listing of the supported devices. You can add devices here too.
            Search for IRRMaster in the file and you will get to the correct section.