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[ASP] IR Control via Web Page

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    [ASP] IR Control via Web Page

    HiTech posted

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    I could not post a reply to your ir topic about installing the ir control asp page.

    I tried to open file in browser, Front Page loads as if I wanted to edit script. Nothing else seems to happen. I can't preview the page. Then I noticed the error in HS log.

    11/25/02 3:17:26 PM~!~Error~!~Reading script: C:\PROGRAM FILES\HOMESEER\scripts\update_links_counter.txt File not found
    11/25/02 3:17:26 PM~!~Error~!~Script error in file: update_links_counter.txt: File not found: update_links_counter.txt

    Is the update_links_counter.txt in on your system?

    Thanks Rick Higgs

    HiTech, the Script Library doesn't allow posts so we use the Script Library Discussion forum to talk about scripts.

    I'm not familiar with update_links_counter.txt, I ran a search on my site and the only reference I can even find to it is in the hsvoicemail.asp page that I downloaded from the updater.
    Its nothing that I'm using.
    To get to the IR page open your browser to your HomeSeer main page and then go to the url:

    Jeff Farmer

    Jeff Farmer
    HS 3, HSPhone
    My HS3 Plugins: CFHSExtras, Random, Restart, Tracker, WeatherXML, PanaBluRay
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    new HomeSeer's please read:

    Posting in the Script Library is ONLY for post a script...
    not for:
    Your baby pictures
    Messages to your wife

    You wrote or mod'd a script and want to post it for public consumption.

    Thank You


      Sorry, I got in a hurry earlier and posted in wrong forum. Thanks Jeff, I will try again. And you are correct, the counter script is for the voice mail web page.