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    [ASP] [Script][VR][exe] Movies Web & VR

    I'm having a problem where the devices for all my theaters are created but only 3 of 7 show on the grid.

    Any ideas?

    Also... The updater does not have the latest version of the package. Can you post it?

    I suspect that the number of theaters you identified around your zip code is insufficient to include the theater id's you itemized. Data is only retrieved for theaters with the id's itemized in the .ini and these need to be within the nearest "n" locus of the center of zip code range.

    I removed it from the library because it is different than what was submitted for the updater. There was confusion on the Temperature entry in the library when a more current version was available via the updater.


      here's the movies portion of my Homeseer.ini:

      ;*************** MOVIES *******************
      [Movies Zip]
      ;List of zip codes and number of theaters to download from each

      ;Short theater name to be used for VR and Theater ID
      ;Theater Id is contained in file Theater_Ids.txt

      ; House code to use to capture Theater information. Starts as device 1

      ; This script saves a copy of showtimes for printing.
      ; Enter the path where you want to put this file
      FilePath="C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\Script Downloads"

      ; set to true if movie images will be included in device string and available
      ; for web browser display. Setting to false will result in a display
      ; consistent with version

      ; applicable only if includeMovieImages = true
      ; set to true if local copies of the movie posters and star rating icons
      ; are to be obtained. If set to false then the web will be accessed
      ; each time theater device status is viewed via web page.
      ; If set false then FileFromWeb program is not used

      ; applicable only if includeMovieImages = true
      ; When includeMovieNames is set true then the movie name will appear
      ; in the device string. This may cause the cell to expand somewhat on the
      ; movies.asp control panel

      ; applicable only if includeMovieImages = true
      ; When set to true then the poster icons will not be included, however
      ; the movie name will be made clickable to bring up the movie description

      ; set to true when database is used to store movie info.

      ; applicable only if conUseDatabase is true
      ; database name located in the homeseer root directory that will hold the movie tables

      ; if the theater device string should be populated with HTML of theater info

      ; Set to true if VR events should be created that allow voice request for movie info

      ; Color scheme used for the movies.asp theater and background identification
      ; 2-nibble hex RGB Notation for each of 10 theaters and one title scheme
      ; Note that a color should be defined for each of the theaters defined in "Theaters" above
      TheaterColor="639C7F 639C9C 9C9C63 80639C 9C6363 303069 9C8063 63809C 96CFCF"

      ;Set to true to have asp page redirected for guest users


        I suspect that the 7 you itemized are not the 7 nearest the center of the zip code reference. Increase the 7 and you should then find other theaters appearing. For example try something like 85248=15


          It seems like the colors are not being picked up from the INI. No matter what hex I put it the colors never change?


            before upgrading to HS 1.6:
            [Movies Zip]

            worked fine.

            after upgrading to HS 1.6:
            no changes in settings... only got 3 theaters populating in the grid. BUT, all devices were being created (device letter T)

            I then changed zip to 7 and 15, still not working.

            I have not changed any other settings.

            I also tried reinstalling the scripts but nothing works.

            it looks like the Theater.txt file is populating correctly.


              The theater.txt file is built while data is being collected and the virtual devices are constructed after all data has been collected. If you are getting the listings in the theater.txt then there is something causing a problem while constructing the device string. In the past there were some "french" movies with special characters in the title that caused a problem. My best suggestion is to use some hs.writelog statements to see find the problem source.

              I'm not aware of any changes made in this area, but the current files should be available with the updater. If you are running an older verion of Movies (at time 1.6 was released) then the new hsGetURL does not work with it. I replaced it with an API call in GetWebFile.exe. I believe the current package should be on the updater. Note that the .ini files are now separated from homeseer.ini (by popular demand) and are located in \Config so you will need to migrate your settings to the new location.


                I ran the zip/theater list with =12 on the zip and I was able to run movies.asp and see all 7 theater listings. It does not appear to be a problem with the web site data content, but something else on your system/configuration.


                  1) I have isolated the following errors to the startup.txt. This started last night after I did a 'repair' in the HS install to fix VR. I disabled VR and removed plug-ins before testing issue.

                  ~!~Info~!~Script engine version: 5.6.7426
                  ~!~Error~!~CommitDeviceStatus: Subscript out of range
                  ~!~Error~!~CommitDeviceStatus: Subscript out of range

                  here's my line for Movies in the startup.txt:

                  hs.launch "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\Scripts\Movies.wsf"

                  2) The theaters is using the defaults, not the ones in my <HS dir>\config\mcsMovies.ini - INI attached. This started a week ago after upgrading via the updater to the latest script.
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