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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by HTfun:
    I'm looking at getting 5-8 cams setup for security. So I want to record all cams, and be able to view any of the recordings and view real-time via the web.

    anyone seen this?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I'm doing this now via a PC card that records from 6 cameras and uses the PC as a DVR. It's okay, but the software is very buggy and offers no support. AverMedia makes the card/software I'm using - check here to see:

    What I'm researching now is a better version of this from Kalatel - their DVMRe-16 system, which is a stand-alone DVR system. I expect this to be far more reliable, offer better support, and more robust features - but at a steep $$$$ cost.

    If you want something to get going, I'd recommend the former option, but if you want hardened security features then the latter.

    Hope this helps,

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      The Kalatel system is a professional security system, hence the pricing is also in the professional area...

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        I found this video switch that I feel would work great! It should be able to be controlled by HS
        Video Switches


          you will still need a video cap card in the PC to do anything decent with it.

          I've spent the past two days researching software and hardware to build a video surveillance system for an office. The ones I'm now considering are $350-400, with 6 to 9 port capture card. Here's a summary of what they do:

          1) Capture FMV from hardwired (NTSC/PAL composite) video cams. Usually AVI format. Can
          set resolution (compression) difference per cam.
          2) Ability to playback recordings while still recording.
          3) Stream video to web for remote viewing
          4) Web page control panels for remote control of system
          5) Capture stills from video
          6) Database for tracking of video capture and stills
          7) Multi-screen view with controls for panning/zoom

          and more.

          If anyone is intersted... Video security that looks the most promising:

          - $359.99

          - $399.95


            Itek, I've only seen one post (here or somewhere else) by a person using the xguard type of setup. They seemed to be happy, but I don't remember their specific requirements. I'm always some what wary of dealers that have "web enabled" systems that don't provide an actual demo site to see just how well it works. 123cctv says call for a demo, so maybe they give out a site and password over the phone. I noticed that the xguard mentions NAT problems for remote viewing. Best advice probably comes frrom someone that has gotten one of the setups and has it in use.
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