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TV Scripts... new thoughts for scripts

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    TV Scripts... new thoughts for scripts

    GIST went down again today. This has happened before and thier site leaves a lot to be desired.

    So I was thinking...
    What does everyone thing about switching the TV scripts from GIST to TitanTV? I think it will be more forward thinking since TitanTV has a ton of PVR vendors onboard, they list HD and digital TV shows, and (with a PVR) you are able to one-click to record or watch directly off the web page. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]

    check out the vendors supporting them:
    TitanTV - PVR support

    thoughts everyone?

    The fact that Gist went down for a single day shouldn't affect the TV scripts as they down a whole weeks worth of values? So unless it went down for an entire week I don't see the benefit of switching just for down time.

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      In the long run, I was thinking TitanTV may be more useful to us HA/HT people.


        Actually the GIST problems did totally mess up my listings. More than half of the captured files were empty or invalid. Right now I only have listings for tomorrow 11/29 and 12/4, and is down now, I tried to do a download and got a bunch of empty files. I first noticed it because there were no events showing up in the future for some of my favorite shows. I hope is not gone for good, I don't know what I'd do without my tv listings.



          As long as it would have my cable digital line up and allow me to choose my channels like I can now I don't care which site is used. What I would like to see is the tv scripts give me a faster responce time.

          it would be cool if the script could download everything for the week and be able to find and read the information to me a lot faster then it already does.
          Now there are times when I can say
          "whats on channel 5"
          then hsp will give me that blerb that I am at the top menu "hit pound once to shutt that up"
          then hsp will say getting the listing for channel 5
          then that darn message comes back again "you are at the top level etc."
          then the listing.

          Maybe if the data was stored differently or something, not sure, but if it could be written to have a better responce time I would be one happy camper.


            I found this TV listing program, Pocket TV Browser for my PDA. It downloads the listings from into a PDB. If there was a way of reading the data from the PDB file ...

            I liked GIST over TVGuide because GIST has a more complete channel list for my cable service. But this program can combine listing from different providers at TVGuide. I'm pulling the channels missing from their listing for my cable from their DirectTV and Dish Network listings.