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    Warning: This script will overwrite your existing 'check_vcmd.txt' file if it already exists. So backup or rename this file if you are already doing something with it.

    This script will not only give multiple responses to the attention/ignore phrase it will
    determine if your computer is in a good mood or bad mood. You will never know if you will be dealing with a pleasant helpful assistant, or an irritated, complaining assitant.If in a bad mood, HS will complain about having to do all those chores and not feeling appreciated.

    1. Drop these files into Program files/HomeSeer/scripts.
    2. Go to View->Options->Voice Recognition. Delete the 'Attention Acknowledge Phrase' and the 'Ignore Acknowledge Phrase'. Keep both Voice Commands.
    (Note: you will have to delete these two phrases each time you restart HomeSeer. If those fields are blank HS will insert the default 'Yes sire' and 'goodbye' phrases.I don't know how to get around this. If anybody knows let me know.)

    That's all you need if you want HS to only give responses to the attention/ignore phrases,
    If you want HS to complain while doing stuff follow these steps.

    3. Create an Event called 'Complain' and have it call the 'complain.txt' file.
    4. Go to another Event particularly one that you give voice commands to like your "What time is it" event.
    5. Go to the Event Properties page. Click on the Run Events tab.
    6. Scroll through the Available Events until you find 'Complain' and add it to the Run Order box.

    You may find that you are getting more bad moods than good. Go into check_vcmd.txt and change the bad mood phrases to good moods.

    You can edit the scripts to tailor the phrases to your own liking. I think I documented enough to show you how to change it. Look at both txt files and look for the phrases to change.

    If you want to uninstall The Moody Computer all you have to do is delete 'check_vcmd.txt' file or rename it and restart HomeSeer.

    Let me know of any problems.
    Danny Norris

    I set the attention phrase to a period, that seems to work OK. I couldn't get the ignore phrase part of your script to work. I already have my own script so wasn't planning to install this permanently, but I got a good laugh out of a cranky computer.



      Thanks for trying it out! The period in the acknowledge phrase boxes does seem to work just fine. Thanks for that info.

      I at first seemed to have had problems getting the ignore phrase part of the script. I don't know how it worked itself out. It seems like once I got it to run once I had no problems. If anybody else has this problem let me know. Or if you want put this line in after line 155 and let me know what you get: msgbox "ignore command: " & cmd



        I made a last second change to the original complain.txt file and did not test it or double check it. I was putting in a version number and did not comment that line out. This kind of programming technique gets me into trouble at work too. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img]
        Either download the zip file again or just comment out the first line in the complain.txt file.



          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>HS will complain about having to do all those chores and not feeling appreciated.

          Cant quite see why this is needed, as i have a wife that does that job even better [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


            Well you see, I'm still single. So I thought maybe this would be a good way to get me prepared for the reality.
            You know maybe I should get HS to detect anytime I start to buy something off the internet it would start a nag like "you can't buy that. All you do is think of yourself. How come you don't buy me anything any more."




              Used to have great fun with this script using HS1.7 but will it work with HS2.x?