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Using TM751 script

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    Using TM751 script

    Hi everyone,

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to implement the TM751.txt script. I've never used scripts, so I'm sure that doesn't help. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Here's what I'm trying to do:
    My single RF receiver is the kind that will respond to X-10 commands, however it's the only way I can control my Christmas Lights and Garage Door Opener since I don't yet have my signal bridge installed. Unfortunately, since we moved the computer the X10 interface is on the wrong phase.

    My Firecracker CM17A interface is on COM2. The script is installed. The Keware CM17A is registered (I think...I did run it).

    What else do I need to do?

    My Christmas Lights modules are two appliance and two X10 Supersockets all set to A12. Unfortunately, one module is on the other phase, so it's causing all of the trouble.

    Jason, I think I understand your I'll try to help you out.....
    1)the firecracker needs to be enabled in Homeseer through the Options > Interfaces setup. It will send RF commands to the TM751.
    2) Place the TM751 in any outlet (try moving it around to get it to work). The TM751 takes the RF command that it receives through the air and puts it on the powerline, so if it is on the same phase as your target appliance module you should be ok.
    3) Try plugging something into the outlet of the TM751 and send a command through Homeseer to it....the outlet on the TM751 is unit code 1.(e.g. A1 if you have house code set to A).


      Are you trying to register the Firecracker CM17A as your primary interface? Or use the ActiveX control? Or just use the old tm751.txt script from the old Scripts & Tips page? (I can't find that anywhere on the new site, so is that script even still available somewhere?)

      If the latter, which is what it seems, you don't want to try to register the interface in HomeSeer -- leave your CM11A (or whatever) as your interface. The script will talk directly to the Firecracker because HomeSeer won't do so while it's also talking to the CM11A for X-10. The instructions are inside the script -- and I'd look them over and give some advice, except that I can't find the file itself anymore. But I think you need to edit the script, and then create event(s) that call it, according to the directions you'll find inside it. (How quaint that seems now!)

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        The script is still active, as that's where I found it. I'd really hoped Rich would've added dual interface support by now. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

        I need to use it in addition to the CM11 (or whatever it is, it's been awhile since I messed with it).

        I don't see what exactly it is that I need to change in the script to get the Firecracker to transmit "A12 ON" or "A12 OFF" or how I'd invoke it from the appropriate events. The COM port is correct.

        Is there a better, more modern solution?


          OK, I think I get it now.

          I changed the device type to "RF Rcvr TM751" for each of the devices (Christmas Lights and Garage Door Opener) and just turned off the Christmas lights with the event.

          I was looking for some way to pass info the script. :/


            But so far no one has improved on it because, frankly, there are only three or four people using it, so far as I know.

            Thanks for the link to the script... I wonder if Nicholas would mind if someone posted it on the current Script Library, now that the old "Scripts & Tips" page is dead, so there's nothing (I can find) on the HomeSeer site that actually links to the script? (Or is there something I missed?)

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