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  • TV Script Problem

    I've been using the TV scripts for about 6 months with no problem. After upgrading to HS v1.6.30, everything stopped working (Will not download TV listings, what’s on next, TV reminders, etc). I uninstalled every file associated with the TV scripts (asp, ini, txt, gif, etc). After re-downloading from Digi-House and installing, I get the following message in my log (see attached). I went to and made sure that my profile was setup properly.

    According to the TV install txt, Jafro fixed the parse bug on 9/9/02 however, that seems to be my problem. Any suggestions???

    WinXP HE, 2.4Ghz P4, 512MB, HS v1.60.30, AT&T (V5)Crystal 16, SAPI5.
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    It probably has nothing to do with upgrading. All of us are having problems with the scripts. Gist goes through this about once or twice a year where the site is all but unreachable. In addition they have recently change the format of their pages so it broken many parts of the TC scripts. We are all waiting for the fix.

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      Yes, there are a few other threads about this (not quite as well placed as yours). It turns out GIST changed the way searches are done. All of your listings should download ok, but many of the other features of the script won't work.

      There are solutions, but no one has taken up the challenge to implement them. Tom has bee quite on the subject, but I think he may be away since he is normally very responsive.


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        I agree with you. Gist has made several changes to their site. It kinda makes it hard to keep up with the needed script updates. I guess we'll all have to be patient. It's too bad it had to happen to this particular script because it's one of my favorites. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.


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          Yes, I have missed so many shows since this went down. wonder if that xmltv php thing I ran across on the site would help. What would be nice if the tv script would have the ability to pull the information from several sources so if gistv goes down we can just pull from a second source and so on. This would require a lot of work though.
          This script is my only tv guide.


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            I'm having the same problem many saw with the empty files downloaded. The only difference is. I haven't been able to get the grid listings download working yet. I've tried removing cookies, updating my gist profile, etc. Still no luck. I can probably fix these if I can get the download working again. I'll keep trying.



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              In case this is part of your download problem Gist has no data beyond 6pm Sunday. This is what happened last week too. Their data ended around 9pm on Fri 11/29 and didn't show up until sometime Thursday afternoon. So your future downloads were empty. This happens about once a month but last week was the first time I saw it come so close to no data at all.



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                I have just converted to the HomeSeer product, and am trying to install the TV scripts (the first of many, no doubt...)

                The 'Install TV scripts.txt' script is not working for me. It errors out here:

                'these 2 lines make sure a complete page is returned
                StartSearch = Instr(Webpage,"<!-- starts grid -->")
                BottomPage = Instr(Webpage,"<!-- bottom pages -->")

                I inserted a msgbox line to see what was being returned, and both StartSearch and BottomPage are zero. Obviously, this makes the script finish with:

                if StartSearch <> 0 and BottomPage <> 0 then
                'continue on
                hs.writelog "TV Scripts Install", "Sorry the gist page needed to parse the station names"
                hs.writelog "TV Scripts Install", "for the voice command is not available."

                I am NOT having trouble with the download of the GIST page. I have even viewed the source of the GIST page, and I can see

                <!-- starts grid -->")


                <!-- bottom pages -->

                are there.

                As I stated, I am a new HS user, so please don't assume anything!

                Any thoughts?


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                  GIST is up and down, it will work sometimes for a few hours, then not at all. I happened to get some time early Sunday morning and last night when it worked for me, and I had fun and learned a lot tearing apart your scripts and trying to get them to work with the new format.

                  Please see my message in this thread here: Empty Pages!

                  I have a working TV Download script using hs.GetURLIE, I haven't shared it on the board yet because I wanted you to have first shot at it. I also essentially rewrote the guts of TV Details to read the newer GIST format, it also uses hs.GetURLIE, grabs the show title, sub title and description.

                  Since the new GIST search is now java based and there seems to be no way now to invoke it directly, I took TV Favorites, took out the code that reads and processes the input file and the GIST specific code and replaced it with code that will read the My Calendar show calendar on GIST. With the new GIST search you can prepopulate your calendar with favorite like searches. What it lacks is any way to do the record, so that doesn't work any more (but I didn't use it either). I got that working last night and now I have show reminders again.

                  I can either post here or email them to you so you can see how I hacked up your scripts :-) Either way I need to clean them up, since they are littered with "msgbox" and "hs.writelog" commands, and some extra variables I used for debugging.



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                    See my previous message and the link to the other thread. The TV scripts use an HS scripting command called GetURL, there appears to be a problem with that command and the GIST pages. I am able to display all the GIST pages with Internet Explorer and view the source, but get empty pages using GetURL most, but not all, of the time. Which is probably why the TV Download script still works for some. The TV Favorites script won't work because of the changes on the GIST website.

                    My guess is that if you put in a msgbox WegPage, it would come up empty.



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                      Bill D, nice to see you having some success. I would like to suggest that any future manifestations of the scripts search downloaded data for as much info as possible instead of re-querying GIST.
                      This means everything will be workable except the TVdetails.



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                        I've seen the posts about doing this. Unfortunately GIST does not provide all the info unless you display the details program by program, which is doable I guess, but would take hours, even then I think they don't display everything available via their online search. From what I can see there is no other way to get info such as actors. So the only way to search for those details is to use the GIST search, further complicated by the fact that GIST has converted that to jsp so it can't be invoked from a script. The other thing is that the TV scripts store the info as text files and load them into string variables to process. Adding descriptions (and actors if that information was readily available) would slow these scripts down even more. As it is, it takes anywhere from 30 to 80 seconds to load one three hour schedule file on my HA server, and I am not running an old slow machine.

                        So someone would have to rewrite the entire set of scripts. Maybe someday, but I've got too many other HA projects uncompleted to spend that kind of time.



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                          Bill D, thats what I meant. ALL of the scripts can get what they need EXCEPT the TVdetails. Things like recording, reminders, favorites, VR etc only need the name and time of the show... and it's all in the grid.


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                            That isn't what I was seeing. I could see the schedule going to using Internet Explorer, so I knew it wasn't a cookie thing, and I knew it wasn't lack of schedule data (I had seen what you mentioned before, so that is why I went directly to the site first to check). I then did some testing, and on a whim tried GetURLIE, and I got the page, just like I was getting with IE, and not with GetURL. There are several things going on here. One is the GetURL issue, but the other is the changes GIST has made to search, which completely breaks the TV Favorites script, and some other minor changes to pages that are easy to fix.



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                              just before I made that post. And I just checked again. Actually shows that start at 6pm on 12/8 are there but nothing after that. You saying that your config at Gist is showing listings beyond that time slot?