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[script] Composite Device Status - status multiple devices in one vDevice

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    [script] Composite Device Status - status multiple devices in one vDevice

    Composite Device Status

    Author: LTek

    Dynamically, in real time, updates your vDevices with a "Composite View" for a given device name or type.
    ... Example: If one or more Motion Sensor is tripped, the Composite Device shows tripped.
    Shows status in a single virtual Device - one place to look! ... Lights, Doors, Windows, etc.
    Use these Composite Status Devices in Events; when you want to ensure all Doors are locked before setting the alarm, and many more uses

    This script can easily be added to, or modified, for ANY Device Name or Type. If you need help, just ask me.

    Works with Eric Fettys MyQ Garage Door Plugin, can easily be modified by changing the openvalue for any device type.

    Uses the real Device Name to determine if a physical device is to be used in the Composite Device (virtual device)
    - script could be easily modified to use Location labels if desired.
    Default Names used are: Door, Lock, Window, Motion, Light -- these can be changed below

    2018-10-27 : v1.43 - reduced load on Homeseer; moved all vDevice writing routines to the end, it was causing unnecessary writes and problems with false triggers of events
    2018-05-31 : v1.42 - added ability to customize display text when no devices match reporting state (open, closed, locked, etc)
    2018-05-26 : v1.41 - fixed bug in Window section
    2018-04-06 : v1.40 - added device for ALL Lights On; has defaults to specify up to 3 Device Types so you dont get non-lights in the list.
    2018-02-03 : v1.35 - added Media Room motion sensors
    2017-08-30 : v1.31 - Updated myQ Garage Doors code to fit latest MyQ Plugin update
    2017-08-18 : v1.3 - Fixed bug in Door Lock. Was not reporting proper status in vDevice
    2017-07-30 : v1.2 - Separated out Garage Doors into own vDevice
    2017-07-15 : v1.1 - added ability to Exclude devices based on Location2 (aka Floor).
    2017-07-12 : v1.0 - Name detection for Door Locks, Doors, Windows, Motion

    VIRUAL DEVICES: 1 per Composite Device that you want - if you don't want to use some, you don't need to. Just comment out that section in the code below.
    ... code currently supports 6 devices: Lights, Door Locks, Doors, Windows, Motion Sensors, Garage Doors
    EVENTS: 1 event that triggers on ANY Device Change - or 1 per device type
    ... Events must run this script when any of the physical devices "just had its value set or changed."
    ... I use separate events per device type. Its a bit more event work but less stress on HS3.
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    Last edited by Ltek; November 3, 2018, 05:53 PM. Reason: posted 1.43.. optimization + bugfix