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[script] Airscape Whole House Fan Control

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    [script] Airscape Whole House Fan Control

    Airscape Whole House Fan Control

    2017-06-15 : beta release, control only
    2017-07-04 : added vDevice update for Fan Speed, CFM, Attic Temperature, Power Draw
    2017-07-07 : added ability to Set speed directly.
    2017-07-10 : v1 release - turned off Update logging by default, added ability for LogInfo, added debug logging
    2017-07-15 : v1.1 - added ability for vDevice direct speed control
    2017-07-16 : v1.2 - CRITICAL BUG FIXES - fixed looping in v1.1 when using Remote vDevice.

    Author: LTek

    Airscape Whole House Fan w/ Gen 2 Controls
    3 Events & 4 Virtual Devices
    ... 1 event for Fan Remote: options are Off (value 0) and values 1 through 10 for speeds
    ... 1 event for Update of Status only vDevices : Fan Speed, CFM, Power Draw, Attic Temp
    ... 1 or more events for fully automating Up/Down and or setting Speed

    Current Functionality:
    Status Only - vDevices for Fan Speed, CFM, Attic Temperature, Power Draw
    Control - Fan Speed one level at a time - Increase/Decrease/Off
    ... Parameter = UP|5 will increase the speed 5 levels, it will not care what the current speed is.
    Control - Set Fan speed level by passing speed # in parameter of event - Set specific speed number
    ... Parameter = SET|3 will set the speed to level 3, increasing or decreasing speed as needed
    Control - vDevice for Fan Remote; script reads vDevice to set the specific speed.

    Features under consideration - Pushover Plugin integration native in this script. Not sure this is needed.
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    Last edited by Ltek; July 16, 2017, 04:27 PM. Reason: posted v1.2 CRITICAL UPDATE

    Do you still happen to have the script to post? I have an airscape fan with 2gen controls and would love to integrate it like you have. thanks in advance.