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    Timer script needed

    I am looking for a timer script. Specifically I want to turn something on and have it turn off in some amount of time from the current time, possibly based on number of key presses. Here are a couple situations for ideas:

    I have solar hot water, on a cloudy day I want to turn on water heater on kitchen side of house for 2 hours from “now” for dinner cleanup. Or I need to turn on heater on bedroom side of the house for a late shower after yard work.

    After swimming pool cleaning system turns off, we have a dust storm. I want to turn system on for 3 hours.

    I want to turn on a bullet polisher/tumbler on for 1 hour from “now.”

    Another idea would be to have an event that has specific duration. Say my water heater is H1. On key press A1 it turns on for one hour, A2 one for 2 hours, etc. This would not be as flexible but would work.

    I am not sure if anything like this exits or if a combination of existing things will work. I appreciate any comments.

    I suspect what most people do for situations like this is to use an event with device action delays. The event trigger determines when the Timer starts and the Delay Timers on the Device Actions tab of the event define what devices are controlled and the delay between control actions.

    There will be a free RemoteIR plugin that allows you to schedule IR or X10 actions at some future time and duration from a browser interface. Rick Bonari is in the testing phase of this plugin.


      I found the following script on the board. I have modified it to control a fan.
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