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Just found A MP-3 server with ASP can you help

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    Just found A MP-3 server with ASP can you help

    Just found A MP-3 server using ASP can you help.

    here is the link to the free ASP MP-3 Server.

    looks like what I need.

    can you tell me how to work it with HS




    I am not sure this is the right place for your question, a quick search only found one mention of oneweb here.

    As I understand it Oneweb is a server in its own right. You would be able to integrate it into a Homeseer system, but you need to set it up on its own first

    They do have there own forum at

    which might be able to help you better initially.

    We will be interested I am sure in your experience and there will be people here to help you integrating it into Homeseer. Certainly an Iframe would do it see
    for an example


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      Yes a slight error in my post above

      Oneweb requires (from the readme)
      Windows NT, 2000 or XP (Server or Professional) running Internet Information Services (IIS)

      Wether you could run it directly under Homeseer I dont know, probably would require some mods.

      However if you were to run it under IIS then my comments above stand.

      Personaly I use MP3Mystic at MP3MYSTIC.COM for this function. MP3Mystic is a complete application with its own server built in

      Sorry about the earlier mis-information



        thanks i'll try yours


          If you use this ASP you will get the MP3Mysic Server 'inside' of a Homeseer web page

          Clicking on any of the links in the MP3Mystic server will work as normal but will stay inside of the Homeseer page

          Hope this helps

          To save the file
          Right click on the link
          save as

          and drop it into the homeseer/html folder
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