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    Hi Dale,

    I tried the new file you posted, and the results are the same. MonitorCtrl.exe turns on the monitor, but the script continues to show as a running application, with a status of "Not Responding". Each time the command is executed, another entry for MonitorCtrl shows up as a running application.

    I could probably write a script to force MonitorCtrl to shut down after each use, but then I'm just using two bandaids to fix what should work anyway...the monitor turning on when ever there is simulated keyboard or mouse movement. I don't know if it's only a problem with windows versions newer than ME, but this problem only occurs on my 3 XP machines (I've tried them all!). I also tried the hs.keys to send keystrokes, but that won't wake the monitor.

    MonitorCtrl works great, but I hate to have additional instances of this command pile up each time the phone rings.

    Thanks for trying, Dale.