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speech through network computer

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    speech through network computer

    I have an old computer running nothing but music.
    My main computer runs homeseer. They are on a network.
    When my front door motion detector "M1" sees motion I want it to say "someone is at the front door" through the music computers speakers.
    Is this possible without setting up homeseer on the music computer?

    Check out the Message Server Plugin.

    It has a program that you would install on the music computer. Set your event to send the message to the music computer and setup Message Server to speak the messages. It will speak on the music computer using any SAPI 5 voice.

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      Try Christian's program via the updater. Also, visit his website, that may have even a later version of his program and client. It will do what you want and possibly more!


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        Thank's guys I'll give it a try when I get back from Ottawa.