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Includes files - is this an error?

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    Includes files - is this an error?

    Firstly - can anyone point me at documentation for the use of the includes files - I seem to have lost whatever I had and can't find where it came from.

    seondly - a possible error. I have started to update some of my old files and run into an interesting issue with the include file header.asp.

    called with an argument which is not an array (just a title) you get into a piece of code the begins...

    if intCHLinksAboveTitle <> "1" or Not bTouchScreen Then
    if UCase(strShowLinks) = "YES" Then
    ' Check for the links.htm file or create the link row
    strLinkCheck = linkfile()
    if strLinkCheck <> "No File" Then
    HE_strOutPut = strLinkCheck
    HE_strOutPut = HSLinks()
    End if
    HE_strMenuRow = " "
    Elseif UCase(strShowLinks) = "NO" Then
    HE_strMenuRow = " "
    Elseif UCase(strShowLinks) = "OLDSTYLE" OR UCase(strShowLinks) = "SAME" Then
    If bTouchScreen Then
    strLinkFileName = "links_touchscreen.htm"
    strLinkFileName = "links.htm"
    End if
    strLinkFile = hs.GetAppPath & "\html\" & strLinkFileName
    ' Get the file contents "
    strPageContents = FileContents(strLinkFile)
    if strPageContents <> "No File" Then
    HE_strMenuRow = strPageContents
    End if

    This piece of code does not seem to load the values of strShowLinks from the ini file. so it misbehaves.

    Furthermore if you force strshowlinks to Yes, it then loads field HE_strOutPut and then does nothing with it. shouldn't the line HE_strMenuRow = " " actually be HE_strMenuRow = HE_stroutput?