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Hanging Up Dial Up

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    Hanging Up Dial Up

    I'm new at Homeseer and VB Script, Very New!
    But I will tell you a very simple way of connecting and disconnecting
    from dial up either by voice or point and click.

    1) Create a new virtual device and 2 new events
    (I named mine "Connect Online" and "Disconnect Online").

    2) In the Event "Connect Online" I used the following for a voice
    command "[(connect to the|go to the internet|go online|dial up the) * (internet|online)]"
    The go to the "Misc Actions" of the device options and choose your dial up
    connection in the Network connection "Select Connection". Set your time out
    and retry to at least 1 each (I use 5 for each). Then try your device, it
    should start dialing your ISP.

    3) Just do the "Disconnect Online" event the exact same way except check the
    (Disconnect exsisting connection) box in the "Network connection" tab of the
    event options. I use a voice line command for that one like this,
    "[(disconnect from the|disconnect from|disconnect) * (internet|online)]"

    You should be able to figure it out,play around with the voice commands
    and make them what you like. Hope this was some help.