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    I have an eval bluetooth Flicscanner that works great with the shopping list script. Almost ready to introduce it to my wife
    Unfortunately, my rep from Flic took the bluetooth USB adapter back to California with him by mistake! So, I am Blueless

    I do have an expensive Telxon laser RF scanner which works better, but it's probably 5 times the price. (PTC-921). If anyone was going to buy a scanner for this application. FlicScanner has thumbs up. Great performance / price.


      Just wanted to say thanks publicly to Tom Caldwell for working with me to get the teathered/batch model of the Flic scanner working with the Shopping list.

      This is a killer combo. And, since the batch version is $100 less than the Bluetooth version that's a good thing. Wife is pleased as well.... No more little hand written shopping list notes and we won't have to figure out what we missed between the scratch outs on the old list!

      Not too old to learn