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Script for auto image capture and SMS

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    Script for auto image capture and SMS

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some help and advice!!

    I have to write a script and/or plugin as part of my university final year project.

    Basically the script reacts to an event such as an alarm unexpectedly arming. This may be through the serial port, or just a manual event.

    My script must react to this by grabbing an image from my webcam. I have xcam 2 and xray software up and running. The xray software is taking a snapshot every 30 seconds and saving it in my html folder in HomeSeer. So I need the appropriate vbscript code to take this image from the html folder.

    Then, once that is done I need to send either an SMS containing text saying "Alarm triggered", or an MMS (picture message) containing that snapshot, to a mobile phone!!

    Your help is much appreciated as my deadline is quickly approaching!!

    Thanks in Advance

    Brian Fahey.

    please go to this url until this message has been deleted:

    HSPRO 2.4 (ESXi 4.1) | my.Alert NEW | my.Trigger | HSTouch | ACRF2 | UltraM1G | BLWeather | BLLan | Rover
    (aka xplosiv)
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