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    Steve, Thanks for the nice plug-in.

    Its seeing all of my computers, routers and access points. But, I have a SliMP3 player (networked mp3 player) that always shows "offline". I can ping it from the command line, but the Network Monitor keeps reporting offline

    Any ideas?


      Hi There,

      Great plugin, but I have a possible bug for you

      Devices with code z1 won't work. I've tried and tried, but no luck. As soon as I changed it to A21, it worked no problem

      Oh, and a question. In the option settings for Online and Offline.. I've tried using HTML code so when it's online etc, it's in bold, but it doesn't seem to change in the web interface, so I am assuming that it strips the html ?



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        I cant't get icons for online / offline to display on the device view.
        The only to icons is hard_disk and warning_hard_disk located in "C:\Program\HomeSeer\html\images\hspi_network_monitor"
        What should the icons be namned offline.gif ?


        Jonas, Sweden


          Yes. Try online.gif and offline.gif and put them in the html directory.


          {{{{{{{{{{ Remember the reason for the season }}}}}}}}}}


            Thanks Rupp,
            works perfectly in the web view.

            / Jonas


              <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Steve Hill:
              1) Can it be set to have different icons for devices instead of the online/offline default?
              One of these days I'm going to finish and release my status manager plugin that would handle that for you.. until then, you can replace the icons with your own, but it's all or nothing.

              I tried removing a device from the list that is being montiored. Selecting the &lt; button does nothing.

              Oops. Maybe that button didn't get finished...

              These are from back in July. Any chance any work can be done on these requests/bug fixes?

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                I have a request for your excellent plug-in. I would love to have the ability to a) have specific network-type device images (routers, internet, printers, Audrey, ePods, servers, etc) or b) have the ability to choose image pairs (online/offline) for each device.

                Thanks for considering my suggestion!