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    This is the error I'm getting:

    Error~!~Script error in file: PM_Weather.txt: 5:Invalid procedure call or argument: 'left' in line 138
    I tried changing locations since the site I hook to is down for now. I like the XML weather idea but does not have data close to my house. I really like the weather station being at the school down the street not 20 miles away at an airport. It worked for me for quite a while. Too bad


      Add this line near the beginning of the script:

      On Error Resume Next

      It will prevent those error's from popping up.
      I too like it for the local school weather station reports... especially since the closest NWS airport reporting station lacks a rain gauge. Go figure! Unfortunately, I've noticed a lot of schools "going off the air", so to speak. Any idea why?


        Could someone post a working script I could use. I just want to see if your script and site will work as is or if my local sites have changed.


          I have this running and it is great; I use the ini file for my sprinkler system script. The only issue I have is "Is It Raining" this never seems to work. Something must be wrong with the logic or something since it can be pouring and my system never says it is raining, any ideas?


            Is anyone else that's using this script noticed that it no longer seems to be working? I get a "invalid procedure call or argurment: mid in line 606" whenever it is run. The fix mentioned a couple of posts above has not affect on the error message. I've also tried different stations but no luck.

            I also use XML Weather, but I like PM Weather for the todays high, yesterdays high, etc. that XML does not have.
            Regards, Bob


              The KNBC station where PM Weather was geting the data must have changed their website. So someone will need to volunteer and rewrite the script parsing section to get the data from another WeatherBug site.
              Suggested url's include (punch in your zip code) or (click the "Click here to see more observations" just below the wind direction). BTW, the real-time Java applet is easy to copy into your HS web page. It updates every 10 seconds!

              I also like the XML weather script but hate that you can only update every 30 minutes. This script uses WeatherBug real-time weather sources (as does WeatherPlug) so you can run the script as often as you like.


                Change KNBC to KSBW in the script and it should work fine.


                  I tried to change this to KSBW as suggested, but it still does not work. As described by others, I still like to use this and am looking for suggestions to make it work again.



                    Interesting. The historical data is updating with the KSBW change but not the current conditions. I suspect we may need to reference another page or parse differently. But the website works... and the data is there!

                    gtirebuyer- did you modify your script in any way? Oh, and THANKS for the suggestion!


                      I too would love to have PM Weather script working agian. It's the only one I know of that shows rain totals.

                      where my info is-

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                        Yes, it has been a solid performer for years and mine has recently stopped working. Does anyone have a fix?


                          script error

                          The reason is that the website this was pulling data from is forwarding to a new page with differently formatted data. Anyone have this working?