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    XM online service

    XM Radio online service started this week and seems to work well. Does anyone know if the logon and selection process can possibly be scripted.

    Do you have a link to the page?


      This is the login page

      after login then this page loads

      then you select a radio button with the following properties


      then it runs their player.


        This looks doable with a script to auto populate the need fields. There was a script written a while back to login to ebay and it was posted but I can't find it now. I'm on vacation at the beach so I didn't take a ton of time. Hopefully someone will remember the link and post it for you. If not I'll be hoe this week end and I'll look for it and see if I can get it to work.


          I found the script it is called

          I will take a look, but I am not that good at scripting. Thanks for helping.



            Has anyone found out how to use XM Radio Online via scriptoing? Since its now included with the basic subscription, there's a LOT more use for this.

            Would LOVE to have this integrated into my media server PC so I can use it to distribute to the house, but still have the ability to change channels, etc...


              Are you kidding?

              Originally posted by Rupp
              ... I'm on vacation at the beach...
              Are you kidding?!? Why are you on the computer? (Of course, I am posting this just to appease my wife. We went on vacation last week, and I would only stay at a hotel with high speed 'net access. Good job, Rupp!)



                What can I say I"M ADDICTED!


                  Light at the end of the tunnel


                  Did you ever look into this, after the vacation?

                  Having this capability has rattled around my head a time or two but I haven't been able to dedicate time to this due to other stuff (one of which is moving... ARGH!) but I would like to revisit this.

                  I did some digging around the guts of the internet, and found a program called XaMp being discussed at the xmfan forums. (The XaMp download link appears a little shady but everything is on the up and up.)

                  This little thing is pretty sweet. You can log into this little program and it'll do all the stuff XMOnline does, with the "currently playing on other channels" and track information, etc. PLUS it has little pop up bubbles (optionally) for track information when the song changes, song alerts when a favorite song is on another channel, and it doesn't appear to have the idle time-out issue you have via the XMOnline flash interface.

                  I posted a request about an API or at least being able to pass variables, so we'll see if the developer comes back with anything.



                    Here's the CLUNKY script that I use.

                    It usually takes three times to get it working...

                    sub main()
                    hs.waitsecs 10
                    hs.keys"{TAB}{TAB}EMAIL HERE{TAB}PASSWORD HERE{ENTER}","XM Radio",1
                    hs.waitsecs 15
                    hs.waitsecs 20
                    hs.keys"(%{F4})","XM Radio - XM RADIO ONLINE",1
                    end sub
                    It's the hs.keys that is stumbling. Sometimes the email/password are not entered correctly.

                    I'm really interested in seeing what others come up for this!


                      I posted my nasty hs.keys code before I saw the post about xamp. (I don't like how this bb hides some posts...)

                      Sacarino: Have you gotten any feedback back from the developer about integrating it into HS?

                      I started reading the 24 pages of posts - that program really needs it's own forum! One thread is not enough.

                      Anyway, have you figured any way to change channels, volume, mute, etc with keystrokes?


                        Originally posted by ajgriglak
                        I posted my nasty hs.keys code before I saw the post about xamp. (I don't like how this bb hides some posts...)

                        Sacarino: Have you gotten any feedback back from the developer about integrating it into HS?

                        I started reading the 24 pages of posts - that program really needs it's own forum! One thread is not enough.

                        Anyway, have you figured any way to change channels, volume, mute, etc with keystrokes?
                        Indeed I did. I posted this over in the general discussion area, but it got overlooked in lieu of the fact that I had a anti-hotlinking image displayed instead of my screen capture and sandbagging on sacarino was more trendy than the topic of my post. But enough of my grumbling!

                        Here's an abridged repost:

                        I get an extract for the current channel's music, and then one for ALL the channels. I haven't figured out how to properly parse in the multiple channels one so I can browse what's playing (it's a TON of data) but I got the current channel one working like a champ.

                        To get XaMpD to create the two data files, create a new DWORD in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\mOmo productions\XaMpD with a name of "Homeseer" (don't use quotes) Set the value to 1.

                        Then when you login to XaMpD, you'll notice the files singleData.txt and allData.txt appear in the XaMpD directory. They refresh automatically every 30 seconds with the XM stream update, plus the singleData updates whenever you change channels.

                        singleData.txt will output:
                        [Frank's Place (73)]
                        Track: Three Little Fishies
                        Artist: Maria Muldaur
                        Album: Swingin' in the Rain
                        and allData.txt outputs:
                        Track: Empty Souls
                        Artist: Manic Street Preachers
                        Track: Y Te Vi Con El
                        Artist: Conjunto Atardecer
                        Album: Cd Single
                        Track: Wenyukela
                        Artist: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
                        Album: Raise Your Spirit Higher
                        XaMpD outputs the allData in the order it was received from XM - which is completely random, apparently. I'm going to have to import it into a database and then query it, I guess.

                        I use VBScript to parse the singleData and then import it directly into HomeSeer every 25 seconds. I've attached my scripting to import the singleData text into devices in HS - I tried to make it user friendly. (That's how I'm getting the cover art, btw... just some re-arranging of the extracted data to get a filename. The downside is I don't have every image on every channel - I need to find a good image database to query.)

                        I did discover that you can use the SDK to query the cover art, which is the way I think I'm going to go - I just need to figure out how to structure the query into their database.

                        The executable xampd.exe will accept the following as command line parameters:
                        channel XX (where XX = channel)

                        m0mo (the dev) and I are both working on a channel up/down method - I think we're essentially thinking the same thing, to have a structured array (so it knows that channel up from 16 is 20, not 17) but my method would be external vs. his internal one... so I might just sit back and wait for him to build that functionality instead.

                        I also attached the screen cap using MainLobby to make a pretty front end.

                        It's working out pretty good for me so far. In the startup script for HS, I launch the xampd executable (and kill it in shutdown) so it's always running with HS. I have it save my user/pass combo, and NOT log in automatically. I then use "power" on my mainlobby screen to toggle the login state.
                        Attached Files
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                          Here are all the scripts I use, most of them are manually triggered by a ML button press (power triggers online/offline, play triggers play, etc)

                          The channel up/down scripts work in a limited fashion (sequential channels only, ie. 8,9,10)

                          I've included a screen cap of my devices so you can figure out what does what.

                          I should point out the fact that you do NOT need MainLobby to do this, I just utilize it for my front end. HomeSeer on its own can do this just fine.
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                            there is a new version 1.3.0 out now that supports a couple more command line parameters in addition to new features

                            the command lines are
                            channel [channelnum] (without the brackets)



                              m0mo, I think what you have done is excellent, the application is simply amazing.

                              Do you think there is any chance you would consider adding xAP support to this application? It could send xAP messages when current song changes, or tune notify and receive xAP messages to change stations, login, logout etc...

                              This would be a more realtime method of communicating to homeseer.

                              btw... I really like you messenger style notifications, how it allows multiple. What programing language did you write this application in?
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