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Terminating a Script

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  • Terminating a Script

    Forgive me if this is standard knowledge, but is there a way to cancel a running script without rebooting HS?

    I started a script last night that was expecting a voice command and wouldn't time out until it saw one. Unfortunately, I didn't have a microphone attached to my server that was running the script so the script was running indefinately. Looked through script help and didnt see a method.

    Any easy solutions?

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    Nope - the only way is to set the configuration option to timeout scripts after xx minutes (I think it is 2 minutes by default) and then when you have scripts that run longer, just make sure there is an hs.WaitEvents call in there to reset the timer.

    HS 2 will give us full control and we'll be able to allow the termination of scripts.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      Launch your script using mcsMovement then you have full control of run status and ability to abort it if desired.


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        Thanx guys.
        I will look into mcsMovement to see if I can figure that out.

        Looking forward to HS2.0!


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          How do I cancel a script in 2.1?

          I want to be able to terminate a script mid-stream, upon the occurence of an event (subject to certain conditions). Could someone point me to some sample code that does this? Thanks.


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            Here's a prototype

            sub main()

            While your process is working

            if process is complete
            exit sub
            end if


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              I'm sorry

              I need to be clearer. Supposed an event has triggered a script, and it is now running. Let's say it normally takes about a half hour to run. (Specifically, I'm envisioning a dawn simulation routine.)

              Now, after 10 minutes or so, another event occurs, and I want that event to kill the execution of that script. How would I do that?

              Thanks again.


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                You can't kill one script from another if HomeSeer launched the scripts. You would need to use Michael's suggestion. This would make a good feature request though.


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                  Thanks - one other thought

                  Is it possible to change the value of a "global" variable (flag), so that if the script is running in a loop, it can test on the flag and break out of the loop if the flag changes?

                  That would allow me to do what I need to do. Could a virtual X-10 device be used as a flag, for example?


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                    Sure that should work just fine.


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                      I thought you could kill a script in 2.x. For example I have a demo script that sometimes I run to show guests what my system can do and many times I just want to kill it at some point cause we've "Heard and seen enough".


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                        I'm using a flag - works okay

                        For now, I've used a virtual X-10 device as the flag, and within a loop in the script, I'm using hs.IsOn() on that device to test whether to continue the script or to terminate it (exit sub). Seems to work pretty well.