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    CM19a transmission problems ? ? ?

    I am having a problem with the CM19a. I use this interface to recieve signals from my remotes (to control various lights) , for motion sensor detection, and for controlling my Ninja Xcam2 pan 'n tilts.

    Now, this interface works PERFECTLY in everyway (good reception distance, fairly quick response, etc etc) UNTIL the first time I open up my web page interface authored by johnwpb. The very SECOND I use the controls on the web page, all RF reception to the CM19a interface ceases.

    The TRANSMISSION of control signals continues without problems, as the web page controls continue to work properly, but all rf reception by the CM19a abrubtly ceases. Nothing works : not the various remotes, not the Motion detector, not even pan 'n tilt remote (CR14a) will operate the cameras...

    This has always been a problem, even with prior computers and motherboards, but I have always been able to work around this problem by having a MR26 connected as an interface as well. Now my current motherboard only has one serial output, and that option is no longer available to me

    Anybody have any ideas ? ? ?


      Originally posted by gcyeaw
      Michael or John,
      I am trying to get my camera feed to display in the window, but I am hopelesly ignorant of Java scripting. Can you provide an example that I can work with to get my Labtech camera feed to display on the .asp page?
      A free java based streaming software that works pretty reasonable is Simplecam 1.3 Version 2 costs but just to get you started use 1.3 from

      Good Luck