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Store High & Low Temperature [Visual Basic]

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    Store High & Low Temperature [Visual Basic]

    I had been looking for a way to display the High and Low temperatures for where I live. I could not find one, so I wrote this small script to do just that.

    This script will use any device that you Have the current temperature stored in in Home Seer. Wheather it be from polling an internet weather site, a weather station, a one-wire sensor ect.

    When ran, It will create a text file to store this information in, as well as create 2 new virtual devices. When it is run for the first time, the High & low will be the same, as it only has the one value to go from. Each time the script is run, it will look at the current temperature, and compare it to both the High and low temperatures recorded in the text file. If there is a change, it will replace that value and add the date and time that this occured.

    It also, optionally set by a flag in the script, will speak when a low or high temperature has been broken, and what that temperature reading currently is.

    It is very easy to set up, just supply the device code where you have the current temperature stored in HomeSeer. Also select a house and unit code where you would like the 2 new virtual devices created. Thats it!

    Thanks to Jon00 for extensive testing this with his weather station over the past week. Thanks to his input I have created numerous error trappings in the script.

    Full instructions for set-up are at the top of the script file.

    The discussion for this script is Located Here
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