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Heos/Airplay2 status monitor and device script

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    Heos/Airplay2 status monitor and device script

    I've spent a bunch of time updating my legacy NuVo Grand Concerto to work with more modern music systems, and one of the outcomes was a home-cooked Heos interface that I call HeosBridge. My original incentive was to find a way to support Airplay2 on the GC, and the Heos system was a straightforward way to make that happen. I thought it might be helpful to others who are looking for custom Heos interfaces to use these scripts as a starting point.

    I uploaded the needed files to GitHub here:

    This is a single-player system that works on a Marantz receiver. I have not tried it on a stand alone Heos player, or on a Denon system. Some modifications would likely need to be made to interface with those, as the receivers have a separate control port which is needed to activate the receiver and set the appropriate player outputs. In addition, it's not full featured, as I only implemented the commands I needed to make transport control, metadata updates, and Menuing work on the NuVo keypads. Things like grouping are not supported, but straightforward to add.

    Here's a picture of the device that's created on HS3. The NuVo-specific devices shown are part of another system that I've built, and won't be created with these scripts.

    I added a few features which made my own life easier today, and again uploaded the results to GitHub.

    The new version implements a small graphics detail for each of the 17 pre-defined Heos sources, and adds Thumbs Up/Down calls, as well as "add to/delete from" Heos Favorites. I didn't bother with checking Heos return status, or even whether-or-not the given playing source supports the commands, so the command buttons will always be available, and simply blindly send the command to Heos.

    Click image for larger version

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