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Easy Time Delay Event Control [ASP]

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    Easy Time Delay Event Control [ASP]

    This page makes it easy to change the times and date of events that are triggered by absolute time and date.

    Just unzip it and put it in your HomeSeer/html directory.

    Before running, edit the page with notepad.

    Write down a list of events you want to be able to easily change the time and date of the triggering.

    Put them in the array in the ASP page that starts with Alarms = Array
    Put in as many or as few as you like.

    When you run the page http://YOUR_HOMESEER_COMPUTER_NAME_HERE/delayed-event-editor.asp , you should see something like this:

    The radio buttons for the date are used for quickly entering today's or tomorrow's date, or you can manually type in the date for dates farther in the future.

    The drop down boxes for the time can be used, or you can manually type in the time.

    You can edit mote than one thing at a time, when you hit Save Above Settings, it saves everything as you see it.

    If you have events in the array that do not exist, or your event is not absolute time based, you may see errors like this:

    This is based on Tink's Alarm Clock page found here:
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