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Streaming Video/Audio Webpage [ASP]

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    Streaming Video/Audio Webpage [ASP]

    [NOTE: This is meant for use with Broadband Service]
    This is a web page to drop into your HomeSeer site that will give you one click access to Internet streaming Radio and TV stations.

    I wanted a simple way to access a couple of my favorite online radio stations, and ended up adding a few live video streams as well.

    It comes configured with a selection of TV and Radio broadcast sites, that your can customize to your liking. I you use Windows Media Encoder, to stream your web/security cams, they can be easily added to the page as well.

    This will work completely as is, or you can customize the colors, graphics, station selections ect.

    The page has an embeded IFrame, and thus, when you change stations, the page does not refresh, and the player will just "change stations"

    You could also use this to play any of your local video files, right in the browser, without WMP opening in a seperate window. You can also simply "double-click" the video, to display it full screen.

    Simply unzip the file, to a folder in the Homeseer/html directory, and call it up in your browser.

    The Discussion about this package, is located HERE
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