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New DVD Releases Using Netflix RSS Feed [DISCUSSION]

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  • New DVD Releases Using Netflix RSS Feed [DISCUSSION]

    UPDATE: 12/01/05 The script SHOULD work with HS 2.0 now, as well as a couple additions. See the script download page for details.

    Post any questions, comments or suggestions in this thread.
    The original file can be found HERE
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    Any Volunteers?

    If anyone wants to step forward and clean up the asp page, feel free

    I worked on it for about an hour and just couldnt get the Divs, TD's, and TR's couple up right. I would liked to have displayed the image to the left side of the text something like this:

    I did this up manually in DreamWeaver, but would like to get the DVD ASP page to look like this.
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      Worked great right out of the box. Thanx!


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        I'm a netflic user as well. Nice script. Thanks for developing it.



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          OTI rented Shark Tales the other day. I must have watched it no less than 9 times with my 5 year old! Looks like I might have to xxxx it.


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            Nice job John! Worked great but I found a bit that needed changing. I also fixed the tables for you the way you wanted them.

            While working on the tables I noticed that the entire listing wasn't showing on my page. This week the last DVD is Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I get title and pic but no description. The problem seems to be that the name Geoffrey appears in the desc, causing it to find eof.

            I've changed your do loop for you in both the asp and DVD image script. Seems ok now. I've attached them for you to look at.
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              mods look great. thanx.


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                I get a place holder for the image but no picture. Is the image part suppose to work?
                Nevermind. I think I fixed it by adding a NewReleases folder in the html/images directory


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                  Forgot to mention that folder.


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                    What happen to Shark Tail? Is it off the list already?


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                      I haven't checked the code, but is there an image purge routine for the NewReleases directory? I just looked and it can get big in a few months if not.


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                        Changes to the asp file....

                        Rauco, Great! Thats the look I was trying to get in the first place. I cant beleive I didnt notice the "eof" error! There sure were a lot more movies than it was showing!

                        If you dont mind, I will update the original zip file to include your updates, with due credit of course! I will also add a routine to purge the old images as suggested by smoothtlk.
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                          No problem, John. Feel free to use the changes, no credit needed. Thanks for the nice script.

                          I'm looking forward to the new version with the purging.

                          - Steve
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                            John, very well done. Thanks for sharing. This will be a great addition to hs for me. I look forward to the new version.


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                              Script Updated and bug fixes

                              Ok, the zip file has been updated to version 1.5. It includes the following changes / additions:

                              - Added ability to download and display the DVD covers
                              - Combined the 2 scripts into one single script
                              - Moved all files except the VB script to the html/NewReleases folder. (This includes the RSS.txt file, all images, and the asp page).
                              - Fixed a bug that showed a broken image if one was not available, it
                              will now show a "No Image Available" photo.
                              - Cleaned up the asp page to display in a nicer format (Rauco's doing)
                              - Added a routine to purge the images from the previous week when it
                              updates. (Thanks to smoothtlk for the suggestion)
                              - Rauco fixed a bug with the EOF (End of File) locator, Thanks!
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