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DVD New Releases WITH IMAGES [VB script / ASP]

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  • DVD New Releases WITH IMAGES [VB script / ASP]

    UPDATE: This script SHOULD now work with HS2.0.
    Also a few extras have been added and some bugs fixed, see the 2.0 release notes below for more detail.

    If someone would please try this with HS 2.0 and let me know, if it works, I can then post it to the HS 2.0 scripts library. Just PM me or email be at

    This script uses NetFlix's RSS feed for the new releases, and a catalog number to retreive the images.

    No Netflix account is needed, it just uses their publicly available RSS feed. New in this version, if you DO have a NetFlix account, you can now click the "Add" button to add a movie to your cue. (Thanks to Rick Tinker).

    Ver 2.0

    - Fixed a bug that kept the date and time the ASP page was updated
    - Tom Caldwell Changed a line to make it compatible with HS 2.0
    - Rick Tinker changed a few lines of code, and created an image that you
    can now click on to add the movie to your NetFlix Cue

    Version 1.5
    - Combined the 2 scripts into one single script
    - Moved all files except the VB script to the html/NewReleases folder. (This includes the RSS.txt file, all images, and the asp page).
    - Fixed a bug that showed a broken image if one was not available, it
    will now show a "No Image Available" photo.
    - Cleaned up the asp page to display in a nicer format (Rauco's doing)
    - Added a routine to purge the images from the previous week when it
    updates. (Thanks to smoothtlk for the suggestion)
    - Rauco fixed a bug with the EOF (End of File) locator, Thanks!

    If you have installed a previous version of this script, you should remove all files prior to installing the new version, as the file locations have changed. It will work without doing this, but the older files are no longer needed, and will just take up space.

    Here is a screen Capture of the page:

    The Discussion for this package is available HERE

    Read the "ReadMe.txt" for the simple installation instructions.
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    New version for y'all


    I was messing around with the NewReleases.asp page the other day trying to add some standard HomeSeer headers/footers to it, and before you know it one thing led to another and over the past two nights while sitting in front of the idiot box, I managed to create a whole new .NET based system.

    The new script now will also download the information for what is in your queue, what is at your house, and what NetFlix recommends for you in addition to the new releases. In order to get the 3 personalized pages, you have to go to the NetFlix site and log in, then go to the RSS page to get the links for your account, and then paste them into the script file. The instructions are in the script file and should be simple to follow.

    With this change, however, you will want to modify when the event runs because your queue and recommendations could change daily - thus, I am now running mine 4 times a day each day.

    The ASPX page is still NewReleases and it still goes in the NewReleases folder, so at some point I should rename it NetFlix since it now does more than just new releases, but I digress.... anybody who wants to do that is welcome to - I am including the source code here.

    In the enclosed zip archive, there is a folder called HomeSeer - if you unzip the contents of that folder to your HomeSeer directory, it should install everything for you.

    This only works with HomeSeer or later!

    The ASPX page now has buttons at the top for you to select which information you want to view. The New Releases and Recommendations views have the ADD buttons so you can add the movie to your queue. There is a checkbox as well that indicates whether you want the 'seasons' DVDs to be included in the listing. The seasons checkbox is a filter to remove any titles from the output that have " season " in the name because I never ever rent TV show DVDs and don't care to see them. The title of these DVDs seems to always fit the format of having a space before the word season and a space after it for the season number.

    Anyway.... Hope you enjoy.
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    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      Netflix script

      Originally posted by Rick Tinker

      This only works with HomeSeer or later!
      Too Bad, When I created the script, I did my best to make it work with both versions, asn to not limit who could use the script.
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        It is not limited. Users not on HomeSeer 2.1 can still use the old one, people on 2.1 can use the new one!

        When you have a .NET development environment, it is way too easy to work with ASP.NET for me to make the effort to go back and understand how to do things with the older, outdated technology. I converted it and added those new features for my own use, and posted them here as a convenience for those who wanted them. There is nothing that says you cannot look at the ASP.NET code and make up an ASP version, but I can tell you it will not work as fast as this one.

        Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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          Fixed Release


          Didn't I mention that the NetFlix system was unsupported? Well, somebody uncovered the rock I was hiding under and requested that I fix the NetFlix ASPX and Script. I had noticed it broken, of course, but have been too busy for it to become a higher priority. However, I did kinda want this fixed myself and nobody else stepped up to the plate, so when I was asked to fix it I took another look at it today and got it going again.

          The enclosed ZIP file is a new (Version 2.1) of the NetFlix ASPX page and associated VB.NET script.

          You must re-do your customizations of the script file before using the system for the first time.

          First, here is what happened - the download of the information was working fine, but NetFlix changed how they write the MovieID, so it was not getting that critical piece of information and thus could not do anything. Besides decoding that information differently, I had to make one other change and I added a NEW FEATURE too. You can now have the system manage multiple NetFlix queues! The "New Releases" information is the same for everybody, but the other information will now display the data from several queues, with a header across the page showing the name of the queue prior to the information being displayed. Thus, if you have a queue for yourself and one for the kids, you can now display the information for both of them. If you have a queue for yourself and know the IDs for some friend's queues, you can look at their information as well.

          The biggest change programmatically was to get rid of the "code behind" part of the ASPX page. This means that there is no longer a need to have a BIN directory under HTML\NewReleases, and you do not need to compile the ASPX to run it, so anybody can make adjustments to the ASPX page now.

          To make your life easier and to avoid a trip to the NetFlix site to look up your unique queue number, open the existing NewReleases.VB and cut/paste the ID to notepad before overwriting the old system with the new one.

          Enclosed are the files, zipped so that you can unzip them in your HomeSeer 2 directory and be ready to go. Delete the \HTML\NewReleases\Bin directory and all of its contents as well if you like.
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          Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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            Another Fixed Release

            Netflix made a change in one of the RSS tags in the RSS files, so I have fixed that, and while I was in there I added support for viewing the movies in the "Watch Instantly" queue.

            ONLY the VB.NET script file and the ASPX page are in the enclosed zip file, so you must have already followed the installation instructions from v2.1 before you unzip these (which is version 2.2).

            Also, you MUST complete the personalization edits in the VB.NET script before you use the system, so if you blindly overwrite your current NewReleases.vb without saving the long "P" ID number(s), then you will have to get them from Netflix again.
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            Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")