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[SCRIPT] VR Answering Machine

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    [SCRIPT] VR Answering Machine

    Well, here it is. The first script of mine that I thought added enough value to be posted..

    Discussion Here...

    This is a Voice Recognition driven "Answering Machine" for use with HSPhone messages. I know there's already one out there, but I coded this as a learning experience and thought that it may have some useful features.

    My key goal with this was to have quick VR based navigation through the messages. The scripts use system calls so it _should_ work with both a microphone or from the phone.

    This script is set up to work with multiple mailboxes.

    The VR Answering Machine is started with the following voice command:
    (Read|List|Play) [the] [old][new] [messages] [in] (mailbox1s|mailbox2s...) (voicemail|mailbox)

    --Read or Play will cause the VRAM to play each message.
    --List will only read the Date/Time/CID for the message. You can always say "Play" to hear the message.

    --Old/New will tell the VRAM to operate on either the old or new messages in the mailbox. It defaults to the new messages and you can switch between them anytime.

    Valid voice commands:
    Play [message]
    Next [message]
    Previous [message]
    Delete [message]
    Repeat [message] <-- Repeats the message Date/CID
    (make|mark) [message] new <-- Marks this message "unread"
    (make|mark) [message] old <-- Marks this message "read"
    First message <-- Goes to the first message in mailbox
    Last message <-- Goes to the last message in mailbox
    [go to] message (#) <-- Go to message number (only 1-9 works)

    Old messages <-- Goes to the old messages in mailbox
    New messages <-- Goes to the new messages in mailbox
    Help -OR-[List]
    List mailboxes <-- Lists all mailbox names that exist
    Mailbox status <-- Reads the # of new and old messages currently in the mailbox

    (mailboxname)s mailbox <-- Takes you to another mailbox

    You: List the old messages in John's mailbox
    VRAM: There are 2 new messages and 4 old messages in John's mailbox.
    Old message 1 left at 9:05 PM on Friday January 16 from John Doe.
    What now?
    You: Next message
    VRAM: Old message 2 left at 10:05 PM on Friday January 16 from Jane Doe.
    What now?
    You: Last message
    VRAM: Old message 4 left at 11:05 PM on Friday January 16 from George W. Bush.
    What now?
    You: Play message
    VRAM: ....blah blah... blah blah...
    What now? <-- sometimes this doesn't get spoke after playing a message.
    You: Delete message
    VRAM: Delete message? Confirm with yes
    You: No
    VRAM Message not deleted.
    What now?
    You: Repeat
    VRAM: Old message 4 left at 11:05 PM on Friday January 16 from George W. Bush.
    What now?
    You: New messages
    VRAM: New message 1 left at 8:15 PM on Thursday January 16 from John Q. Public.
    What now?
    You: Previous message
    VRAM: Already at start of messages.
    What now?
    You: Play message
    VRAM: ....blah blah... blah blah...
    What now? <-- sometimes this doesn't get spoke after playing a message. Seems to be an hs.waitevents related issue...
    You: Jane's mailbox
    VRAM: There are no new messages.
    There are 0 new messages and 2 old messages in Jane's mailbox.
    What now?
    You: Quit
    VRAM: Exiting VR answering machine.

    To Set This Up:
    Copy both scripts to your script directory. VRAnsweringMachine-DDW.txt is the main script. VoicemailIncludes-DDW.txt is a bunch of voice mailbox related functions required for the VRAM to work. (You may find them useful for your own scripts.)

    Create VR activated event with the VR command:
    (Read|List|Play) [the] [old][new] [messages] [in] (mailbox1s|mailbox2s...) (voicemail|mailbox)

    replacing mailbox1, mailbox2, etc. with the names of your mailboxes.

    This event should call the script:

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    Attached Files
    Last edited by dwoolridge; December 7, 2004, 11:06 PM. Reason: Uploaded v0.3

    Uploaded v0.4

    Made a change in the VoiceMailIncludes-DDW.txt that adds a phone book lookup (based on CID number). This allows your contacts to be spoken correctly.


      VoicemailIndicator-DDW/ GetDevice error

      Hi i have been using your scripts for quite awile and you provided a small script that I use to update a device when there is messages. I moved to HS2 and now I recieve this error

      GetDevice is not reliable for device enumeration. Please use the new GetDeviceEnumerator method. Source: (Unknown 3/3/2006 7:19:24 PM)

      Do you have a updat to this script
      Attached Files
      HS2 Environment
      Zotac 1.83 GHz Quadcore
      HomeSeer Way2Call
      Netiom-Xap board
      opnode 1-wire 1.2.7
      Pwr Link USB
      mcsTemp V6.2.0.14
      mcsXap V3.0.0.0/
      IM Connector
      Sip Connector
      Odroid X2
      Asterisk 11.5.1
      WebMin 1.720
      Xap Switchboard by Mi4

      There is no place Like