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****Updated CNNHeadlines Script ****

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  • ****Updated CNNHeadlines Script ****

    New CNNHeadline.txt file added to the Scripts Library. The XML feed that has worked for months has recenlty started delivering a trojan to the machine if the XML feed URL was opened in a browser. I updated the script to use the newly available feeds that CNN is now offering themselves.

    Get the new script here:

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    I finally fixed this (my infected pc) with a program called HighJackthis and with the help from their forum.


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      I replaced my original file and now get this error
      Error~!~Script error in file: CNNHeadline.txt: 1025:Expected end of statement in line 19


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        Whoops. I forgot the put a comment tick on the last set of comments I added. Try it again and let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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          I tried to run the CNNHeadline.txt script and am having problems. This is what shows up in the log.

          no previous installation has been detected, starting setup ...
          I noticed that the script makes a call for settings.ini. Where do I get that file, it was not in the zip file.


          Staying on the cutting edge is EXPENSIVE :D


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            Okay gang.
            Here is what I am trying to do. I have got the CNN Headlines working perfectly withing Homeseer (and subsequently in MainLobby as well). But I am unsure how to properly modify the CNN Headlines code to take the link for the news article (and the necessary code to make it show the 'Printer-Friendly' Version, which works really well) and create a simple redirect html page saved on the local computer.

            For Example:
            Headline 3 (w93) contains:
            "Fierce fighting rages in Somali capital"

            I understand the coding enough to make a modification to create the 'printer-friendly' url
            Headline URL 3 (x93) contains:

            As you can tell from the '?', '=', '&' and the '~' Mainlobby doesn't respond well to this being directly inputted as a default page. However the workaround would be to have a local page that redirects to the above URL, and then there wouldn't be the same problem.

            So any ideas how to, or at least what code is necssary to create a text file and save it as an html file from notepad within the CNN Breaking news code?

            Any ideas/suggestions/comments much appreciated.

            Thank you so very much in advance

            Russell Albright


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              Hi all,
              After going through CNN's html code with a fine tooth comb, I managed to make this work. Thanks anyways.